New Music: Chief Keef “Getcha”

bang 3-cover

Getcha Keef Fix.

Chief Keef’s Bang 3 is still on the way. And whenever the Almighty Sosa decides to let it fly, it’ll be lead by this single. If that wasn’t enough, Fake Shore Drive has an unreleased track. Bang bang!


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  • Jhope


  • 2dipz

    I feel like he found what he tryna do

  • Guest
  • blackholesurfer


    kid is retarded for real.

  • Eric Nelson

    otf nunu just died in his city. how much longer is glorifying violence gonna be cool

  • basedboy909

    played this in the whip and this shit smacks. Keef finally zoning in on whatever the fuck he been trying to do for the past year lol. His lyrics still garbage but when you in the right zone this shit feels right. This boy has a steady ear for beats

  • nana

    did he forget the point of making music it to make ppl hear what you saying ? he sounds like a todler

  • Chronic

    The amount of dope beats this kid wastes is ridiculous

  • CoochiMan

    Just took a huge dump cuz of this track thanks Keef

  • inf

    Wtf is he saying? I’m dead ass..

  • Who supports this ?? lol

  • BEE

    Who let this boy record?

  • JT$

    i cant believe any site would post this HOT TRASH!!!!!!!!!

  • “if that wasnt enough” no its ok trust me thats enough thanks..

  • cheif keef make music for niggas who lick their finger when turning a page on their Ipad

    • SaniAbacha

      Lol epic

  • Von

    This all it takes to get a deal aye? I been goin about this all wrong..

  • so far War the fav so far…all i care about is cool too

  • SaniAbacha


  • denmark

    yahhll nigghas juh hatin