New Video: T.I. x Young Thug “About The Money”

t.i. about the money

Not Hearing You Tho.

If it ain’t about the money, T.I. isn’t interested. But with a handful of cash and Young Thug by his side, Tip maintains his attentiveness throughout his colorful video. Paperwork coming soon.

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  • Matthew Morgan

    Tip always come correct

  • ddsds

    judging by his lip syncing i dont think even young thug knows what the fuck he’s saying

  • fox

    Damn I wish Young Thug was better lyrically because his wild-ass delivery and slick flow is so fucking tight to me. He needs to work on that.

  • Donn

    I wanna like it but I TI ain’t selling drugs or shooting nobody. U been famous for like forever. I wish rappers would get over their drug dealing days. U used to, u don’t now, rap about what u do NOW

    • BEE

      that what lil wayne do and y’all get mad.

      • EXACTLY

        LOL, exactly. Damn near all the “street” rappers are rapping about a life they previously lived or a life they are getting away from. WHY WOULD U SHOWCASE THE SHIT IF U STILL DOIN IT? THEN MF’ERS LAUGH WHEN REAL G’S DOIN IT ARE GETTING FED TIME OVER THE SHIT TALKIN BOUT THIS THAT N THE THIRD…. JUST ENJOY THE MUSIC FOR WHAT IT IS…MUSIC… LIFESTYLE….ETC ETC


    The is going to be the summer anthem!!!

  • The Incredible Creation

    decent visual.. still not a fan of the song & Young Thug, what in the fuck do u be talking about sir? lol

  • ilexx

    Listened to the song once before, haven’t checked the video and yes I am posting a comment anyway. I usually don’t comment just to say something negative but honestly it burns me when rappers u respect go do songs with the “next up and coming thing” just because and then in this case it happens to be young thug who is openly a cross dressing nigga… It sickens me.

    I don’t give a fuck what niggaz had to say about ASAP Rocky, Kanye, Lil Wayne in jeggins or Mos Def in his African garb… This guy was wearing A LIL GIRL’S DRESS!

    Nobody can say, “oh you aren’t open minded enough” or “get with the times”, shits wrong point blank period.

    If you found out u boy was cross dressing on the low, u wouldn’t fuck with him the same. U found out the teacher at your kids class was cross dressing on the low, u wouldn’t want him teaching your kids. And let’s keep it real, if u found out your dad was cross dressing on the low while u were growing up, you couldn’t look at him as a man after that.

    Young Thug is openly cross dressing amongst other things, I got no respect for that nigga.

    • smoss44

      exactly. t.i.washed

    • B.Dot

      Welcome to 2014. We’ve got cold glasses of bleach in the back.

    • Brian B.Dot™ Miller

      crazy, huh? welcome to 2014. we’ve got cold glasses of bleach in the back.

      • cannon

        same love i know you u wit dat but thugger wore a dress…let that sink in…

    • cheeer

      that’s cool because 2014 has no respect for you, so go and die with the rest of your old saggy as peers nigga. peace !

    • cheeer

      by the way, you ain’t open minded and you should get with the times or die within the lines nigga.

      • cannon

        your thug wore a dress bro…jus saying..

  • Even tho Young Thugs is a battyman’s battyman, this song is dope. #nohomojustincase

    • ilexx

      Di man seh “a battyman’s battyman” smh lol

      • chi chi got heroes nowadays yuth lol

  • bobowe

    This song is good the video should be way better in a house at a pool party in brazil or LA but no matter what turn it !!!

  • Kay-R

    Man T.I. coulda done this song alone and it woulda been as sick as this. Did he have to hop on the Thugga faggoty ass wagon…. Big T.I. fan but this disappoints me, song is dope nonetheless.

  • EagleFly

    King Shark – The Anthem sound way betta then this

  • kedonrum

    yo this pretty dope k