Gucci Mane Announces New Albums

Business As Usual.

Despite being behind bars, Gucci Mane is still taking care of business. In a phone conversation posted by his 1017 Brick Squad label, Gucci reveals that on June 17th, he’s releasing albums from  Migos, Young Thug, and PeeWee Longway.

Not to be out done, Gucci’s set to drop his own projects Trap House 4 and Trap God 3, on July 4th and September 13th, respectively. He is scheduled to be sentenced on July 28th.

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  • jay j

    king gucci deserves an executive position at the labels

  • el jim chapo guzman

    behind bars, Gucci Mane dropping albums with no promotion.

  • BEE

    I just love this guy for some reason, he hustle on!

  • Yo this nigga Gucci grind game >>>>

  • Shipwreckdakota

    and he still fucking broke as hell. Shoulda stuck with Waka..

  • PimpinAintDead

    how can you knock it?

  • TeF

    Let’s be clear, you can call him a hustler, but this nigga is no fucking hero, he’s another nigga behind bars rapping. Same old story. Ya’ll niggaz look up to ignorant ass niggaz like this as if they represent a life you know something about, but what you’re looking at are cautionary tales. This nigga was in a position to move differently, boss up, but all he is now is another fucking example, look at him,and they will exploit this shit, wanna know why, because in their eyes he’s where he belongs, he’s where they think all of us young black men belong. Niggaz like him will ALWAYS have a platform and a voice because this is what they want you to continue seeing, and continue hearing, they want our kids to think niggaz like Gucci are the American Dream and grow up to walk their asses right into life sentences, shit is sad as fuck, keep putting money in this nigga’z pockets though. I look forward to the ignorant ass #FreeGucci hashtags. SMH.