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  • djdyg


  • Dafuq

    Damn son, it’s been ages. I remember all the hype back in my HS days about them, collaborating and shit for an album. Never happened. That was like 13 years ago.

  • PTK

    15 years late

    • SaniAbacha

      See above comment

  • Marley71



    Nobody cares about these MCs anymore. Legends in their day. And to think they still relevant? Stop.

    • SaniAbacha

      And relevance is how you gauge music? You must be 13. Even my little sister appreciates music better. Grow the fuck up.

  • SaniAbacha

    Epic record. Funny how mudafukas say “too late”. Nigga is the track hot or not? You stupid internet niggas make me sick. Listen to records with your ears and have a mind. Stop looking around to check how other brothers feel about it. Do you like it or not? Rock artists take years to make records and their fans still fucks with them. Only in Hip Hop do you see this stupid corny shit.

    • PTK

      It’s been 15 year my man! When artists take their time with lyrics classics are made but that’s not what happened here. Kurupt’s verse is pitiful compared to what he was in his prime. Meanwhile the hungry young guns are droppin mixtapes every month.

      • SaniAbacha

        Maybe so, fam. But the point is I’m sick of hearing these niggaz just rush to say dumb shit like “it’s 15 years old”, as opposed to, “I don’t fucks with it.” Let’s get back to “analog” checking records, if you may. Just liking a record or not. This TMZ-Worldstar way of checking out records is doing my head in. Ah well…

        • Chronic

          Don’t try defending this weak ass pop-hook bullshit

        • PTK

          I can respect that, but in this particular case they would have gotten a lot of love if they had just handled their business in the first place. this just seems like desperation. i mean instead of doing this project germaine joined the army. people are understandably dismissive.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    why tragedy khadafi sound like nas.

  • true story no lies

    This shit hot I want more

  • Damian Marshall

    Surprised you haters posted New Canibus, But Glad You Did.