Drake ‘Houston Appreciation’ Schedule

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We Got A Problem Houston. Aubrey plans to show love for the H-Town with an upcoming weekend full of shows. Lineup and dates coming soon. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: June 13-15. Hard to get ticket. Awready.

UPDATE 2: Here’s the lineup.


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  • Eddy Eyad

    Hopefully this means new music too

  • .hustlemania.

    possible contender for the no 1 spot

  • Honestly

    this nigga loves dick riding Houston

    • Ma Clarte’

      whats there to dickride? its a city that inspires him? no logic behind your comment.

      • cmon Son

        No logic? He’s inordinately showing love & repping a city he’s not from. Where I live we call that dick riding b

        • RoGrace

          I just seen this. Man y’all are crazy. He reps Toronto, he’s showing love to his second home. Hip Hop needs this. Nothing negative, bring people together!

        • It’s Just Music

          dick riding because he shows love to another culture that inspired him ?


          • THinker

            rappers do “appreciation” shows all the time. they’re always free.

            if he really “appreciates” it he’ll do it for free. otherwise its just another attempt to eat off texas.

        • guest

          you are just a big fool

        • ThaRealHater

          Just cuz ur not from somewhere dont mean u cant identify with it. Just cuz ur born somewhere dont mean u have to fuck with everything about the city. U sound like a dumb ass.

      • REALLY23

        he diccridin

        • ThaRealHater

          dick ride a school. u need to.

          • REALLY23

            Fuck off…

  • tmb

    how’s he doing this when he’s touring the uk straight through this week?

    • ThaRealHater

      Work ethic. Some people got it and know what it is and some people…….

  • Drake is already a hip hop legend, he ethered Common and Pusha T.
    YMCMB keep winnin. swag

    • Waley

      I was at another website checking an article and was shocked to see a
      comment from somebody named “So Icy Boi!” and was even more shocked to
      see that the comment was made in 2005, which lets me know you been
      trolling for more than 9 years.

      • Theodore Pendergrass


      • Hussle

        sad life

  • Greg T.

    Any tickets yet???

  • djdyg

    smh drake is the new eminem anything he touches and puts out or does people go crazy for