• madstylez

    son got off. real talk.

  • O.G


  • K.W.


  • Stevie Ross

    he killed it till the beat went off then just got a lil corny.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    he dope but his freestyle is too long and he ain’t saying nothing..

  • Hussle

    Remember that week when he was killin every freestyle (on Sway and shit), but this one….nah. Got too many corny lines. He killed the acapella tho

  • anon

    this dude is unreal, his freestyles compete with Eminem’s westwood freestyle.. and yeah maybe he isn’t saying anything, but regardless it is still 100% off the top of the dome and I’ll take that any day over some stupid and fake ass “prewritten freestyles” gtfo here with that shit

  • 4766231

    Well fucking shit.. He went in.

  • The Incredible Creation
  • yesken

    well shit. dude went in


    Fuck it! Los should battle somebody*