• Capt.Save A Hoe

    Lupe is the Greatest…………. He killed that shit, no rapper can come on sway in the morning and kill it like lupe……… Big Ups 2 chi town

    • Kevin Banks

      King Los has killed it on Sway..multiple times but yeah Lupe is nice no doubt

  • The Truth

    Fucking amazing. Off the top too. All that wordplay, relevant references to current topics and flow… off the top. My gahd. Lu! I don’t care what anyone says, Lu does his thing and is top 10 if not top 5 in my back as far as emcees go.

  • 4766233

    i know Lu is on that humble tip and says he’s not the best, but i wish he’d acknowledge his own dopeness more. cuz shit this was outstanding. who else you know that can freestyle off the top, kills it with metaphors/double entendres, has out of this world concepts (not the same topics all the time, dude has a song about skateboarding, to personifying the dangers of fast food about a cheeseburger who’s a gangsta, a song about child soldiers, a song about a ressurected hustla in the form of a zombie, etc.), can do all flows (from double time to down south shit to new york rappity-rap… listen to Switch), and do commercial pop stuff that the masses like (Show Goes On, Superstar)… can’t wait for the new album.

  • 4766233

    who can hate on this?

  • Picasso Micheaux

    Masterful craftsmanship…dats dat Coltrane in the membrane…

  • Carlos Danger

    Lupe just going in off the head on some slick shit lol… bigteespot.spreadshirt.com/

  • Louiev


  • Hussle

    Yo this was dope!

  • guest421

    LMAO at referencing the Kanye & Sway thing

  • “obamasweat” on this one, boy

  • K-ROC


  • RealTalk777

    wow thats definitely impressive

  • SaniAbacha

    Where’s that cat “The Rock” who said Lupe is washed up etc? Bloody recognize.

  • b r z a

    that was probably one of the nicest freestyles that Ive heard in over 10 years easy

  • peace god

    Real, recognize real. One of my fave MC’s.

  • triggerbeats

    great interview by a G.O.A.T http://triggerbeats.com

  • Anon33

    flames. you can tell this is off the top too.

  • Anon33

    man that ramadan fasting “moving weight” line, integers negative positive, quanswers. so many quotables from a freestyle.

  • Yes


  • Carlos Danger

    with lupe vs the others its hard sometimes to get lupes flows and wordplay that’s why folks don’t give him the credit but he nice SLR 1 AND 2 proved that. bigteespot.spreadshirt.com/

  • no lies

    Dope freestyle. Probably one of the best ever to do it. Beat is Ghostface’s Rainy Dayz remix for the dude who asked

  • bdotkiller

    childish gambino has also rapped off the top and dominated it. cuz he is deeper than rap

    • damarcus

      childish deep thats the dumbest joke iv heard al year niggar childish isnt quarter the rapper lupe is

      • bdotkiller

        one, your uneducated so get your ass back to school to learn how to spell. two, i never compared the two so your comment is irrelevant. three, if you really listen to gambino you would agree to me, as because the internet was flawless. four, lupe is deep i admit which is why this freestyle is dope, but he lost it all once he go too political and shit. first two albums were legendary and were deep. now its just politics this, cause that. fighting for a cause is nice and all be he did get too political. so before you come at me for a random reason read what i actually said because i just said that gambino did the same thing and did an off the dome just as good. if you want the link i can give it to you to educate you

  • keonrum

    yo love lupe he should be in the top 5 tightest MC

  • PTK

    killed it.

  • ilexx

    This is it.. This is what Hip Hop is about. I know it seems simple but when somebody puts together such a dope intricate freestyle, all off the top? Man that was impressive.

    Not to throw a shot at anybody’s fav MC’s but what’s the excuse for your favorite rapper being unable to do this?

    Is it because he/she isn’t a REAL MC maybe? Just maybe?

  • triggerbeats

    Yeah he’s killing it, he needs to bring that hot album: http://triggerbeats.com

  • The Incredible Creation
  • Chronic

    One if the best freestyles in a long while. As far as guys who truly spit off the top the only 2 I’ve seen on par are eminem and common. And the only new guy that I’ve seen do a dope true off the top freestyle (and it wasn’t nearly as impressive as this) is kendrick.

    • Kevin Banks

      King Los, Vic Mensa

      • Chronic

        I’ll give you king Los is dope too

  • SoSincere5399

    Lupe is one of the best to ever do it


    O.k.¿ did I just hear Lupe raise my dude ab-soul

  • cannon

    Daaamnn watching this makes me want to excerise my brain LU SNapped!