• Dope

    DAAAAMN.. never realized how ugly her face is before. I mean, I never thought it was special, but daaamn.. first that picture above, than camera angles in the video.. and WTF is with all those gay dudes at the last part of the video.. YMCM surrounded by gayness all around.

    • John John

      Have you been living in a cave? Don’t you know that being gay seems to be the “in thing” nowadays. Its to the point that a lot of straight women would pretend to be gay or bisexual just to get attention. The funny thing is that all of us straight people are slowly becoming the minority while the gays are becoming the majority.

      • Michael Ibbett

        Lol thats what white people used to say about Mexican and black people….now use it for gays..dumb

      • Dope

        I know it’s in, and that most girls who want attention act gay.. but too many fruity dudes is what kind of surprised me, though not too much considering their previous behavior. It’s Nicki’s face that got me saying DAAAAMN

    • Guest

      So u are saying those dudes are a part of young money. The is the foolishness that makes me hate this site.

      • Dope

        I said they were surrounded by them gay sounding dudes in the end of the video, not that those same guys are signed to young money. Reading is crucial.

  • Factzs
    • Joe Kerr

      Oh shit…. The fudgepackers are rebelling!

  • The Incredible Creation
  • boyda88

    Nicki just bodied her performance man!
    She was the highlight for me… 4 years strong drake and nicki are still THE two in this business..
    Nas was great too until he brought out those cliché ass fakes meek and french
    gunit thing wasn’t for me… I just don’t care anymore