Swizz Beatz Returns To Breakfast Club



It’s been a minute, but Swizz is is back on The Breakfast Club. This time, he discusses his enrollment at Harvard Business School, ownership, production, rumors, DMX, foundation, and more.


In the midst of the rumors, Swizz returned to Power 105 to address yesterday’s false allegations as well as beat jacking. He also touched on being named ambassador of NYC health and hospitals and the upcoming LOX album.

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    SWIZZ!!! so much talk on twitter that youre gonna sign http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-6orgiWjhk ???

  • I fucks with Swizz man! dope shit. show that man some god damn respect

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  • DiabloJones

    funny how the working employee ass broke wannabe celeb niggas say they dont have time for school while the multi millionaires do. let me get a drop u bum ass nigga.

    • GreenBergs

      wutchu mean dudes have businesses and people operating those businesses for them, hence they could do w.e the fuck they want..

  • Vurbz Fenomeno

    real talk..i have a business marketing degree but i get more knowledge from breakfast club interviews in terms of concepts and ideologies

  • smh

    Bul, Swiss got a snort box on him lol

  • smh

    the BEST A&Rs are LITTLE KIDS! Let some kids 2-9 years LISTEN to yo MUSIC! If they LIKE IT and START DANCING it’s a HIT! HIP HOP is for the KIDS!