Tyler, The Creator On ‘Larry King Now’

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I’m A Goat.

Odd Future rapper ringleader Tyler, The Creator kicked up his feet recently on Larry King Now. During their lengthy chat, Tyler spoke on his childhood, idols, advice from Pharrell, social media and um, spiritual animals.

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    Corniest rapper next to Justin Bieber.

    • el jim chapo guzman

      Justin Bieber don’t rap fuck boy.

      • SaniAbacha



        Lol he’s as much a wanna rabber as this guy.

  • Joe Kerr

    I’m personally a Tyler fan, but I can easily see how he may be a bit too much for the average person……. I don’t think he really gives a fuck though……

  • polopolo1

    i can see this nigga annoying the living fuck outta me in real life, so id rather never meet him so i can enjoy his music, his song lone is amaziiing

  • The Incredible Creation
  • Vurbz Fenomeno

    So..i like and respect tyler and loved the interview..but i take issue with one thing. The whole i dont want to be called a rapper, rap is the only genre that has artists saying they dont want to be part of the genre. Kanye said he doesn’t even listen to rap, yet he wants us to buy his rap album, Childish Gambino said he doesn’t want to be called a rapper but he’s putting out rap mixtapes every year. Rap is the genre we love and we support your music, dont make it harder for us to defend this genre to others by not standing by it.

    • Damien Rome

      I see what you’re saying man. Personally I love filmmaking, designing, producing and rapping… so I naturally connect with dudes like Kanye, Gambino and Tyler. I’m far from a big rapper, and don’t give a fuck about being one, I create ’cause if I didn’t I’d be depressed whether that’s painting, making a beat or spitting. Honestly in the last few years I’ve seen so much negative shit that comes with being a “rapper” that no artist from other genres have to deal with. Niggas want me to be Eminem from 8 mile all day everyday, spit freestyles, live in my hoodie, and constantly be on some competitive shit. I love melody tho. Singing feels amazing and I don’t need to have Usher’s voice, everyone can sing, may not have the most range but everyone can sing. I just feel like the term “artist” is free, the term “rapper” comes with expectations and limitations that a large group of people from the culture aren’t ready for.

      • SaniAbacha

        Real talk.

  • MadShot

    I love the man’s brain. Kinda like mine. All crazy and free.
    Don’t like his music though but I really appreciate his other work.