French Montana, Ja Rule & Fat Joe Join Jennifer Lopez In The Bronx

Jennifer Lopez Returns to the Bronx for Her First Ever Hometown Concert to Launch State Farm Neighborhood Sessions

Jenny Back On The Block.

Jenny returned to The Bronx last night to kick off State Farm’s summer concert series. During her lengthy set, she was joined by¬†French Montana (“I Luh Ya Papi”), Ja Rule (“Ain’t That Funny”, “I’m Real”) and Fat Joe (“Lean Back”). BX stand up!

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  • SellingDiamondNOW30Kcopies

    Three nigga that 50 talked about their record sales. Now all 3 OUTSELLING CURTUS! LOL

    • FuckANameNiggaa


      • Ghost

        Dont be mad at the truth, by the way, not one single gold or nothing, shit is sad!

    • smale45

      Fat Joe last project sold 4k first week. I dunno about Ja’s sales. anyway. FIfty did fucked up releasing this album. It’s average. it sounds like a mixtape, and a poor mixtape to begin with. Compared it to Fif’s catalog, animal ambition is right there at the bottom. He also needs to stop wasting money on shooting average video clips.

      • 1.3millionfirstweekto30K

        Joe last album only sold 4K but it’s CLASSIC NEW YORK HIP HOP! I don’t trip off sales just because a record sale don’t mean its GOOD! I only bring it up when its 50 because he one that brought that BULLSHIT to the game! His fans can’t be mad at nobody but HIM! AA was one of the WEAKEST ALBUMS I’ve EVER HEARD! That Darkside Album make AA sound like some shit Soulja Boy made LOL

    • Free Gunplay’s Chain!

      Ja Rule’s last album couldn’t move 7k in over 2 full years. 50 still outselling them…

      • MenLIEnumbersDONT

        Ja Rule haven’t been home 2 years what the fuck you talkin’ bout? try again lol