Game Signs To eOne & Announces Album


eOne Blood.

Now that Game has parted ways with Interscope, he’s going the independent route. Earlier today, Chuck  announced that eOne will distribute his next album, Blood Money La Familia. The LP hits retail September 16.

Entertainment One Music is proud to announce a new marketing/ distribution deal with superstar The Game (Jayceon Taylor) through Blood Money La Familia/Fifth Amendment Ent./eOne Music. The new album, BLOOD MONEY LA FAMILIA, is scheduled to be released on September 16, 2014 with the first 2 singles “BIGGER THAN ME” and “OR NAH” dropping this month. The album is executive produced by long time Game associate Cash “Wack” Jones, and Stat Quo.

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  • slow bucks the snitch

    i actually liked jesus piece the features on the album were pretty good

    • DEQ

      The album was nothing but features, shit was a muthafuckin DJ Khaled album

      • raw

        jesus piece is prety solid compare to Animal ambition.

        • Dwight Stewart

          not if you’re a grown man.

          • Hannibal Lecture 4 President

            Get off 50s sac homie Jesus Piece was way better than Animal Ambition. Only desperate fans would quote this bullshit.

  • Eastside or Die

    Glad he didnt sign to YMCMB. Game never dissapoints musically!!!

    • GTFOH

      Nigga what the fuck are you talking about? Game never disappoints musically? What fucking albums you been listening to the last few years

      • GetReal

        shut your hatin ass up game is a nice emcee and way better than 50 at that

        • Smoothg718

          You do realize 50 wrote more then half of Game’s first album ? Like its a fact go look in the booklet of the album if you even bought it back then

  • LookingAssNigga

    It’s gonna be trash, nobody checking for Games disloyal ass.

    • GHOST

      Aint everybody who got a commercial sucess like animal ambition LOL #30kfirstweek #worstthandjkhalednumbers

      • Free Slowbuck’s Chain

        DJ Khaled sold 27k with on a major label with a platinum single and 95% of the rap game featured on his shit, 50 is projected to sell 40k so he already won there, especially if we look at the profit margins.

        • Mr. Real Talk

          How is selling 40k winning? You 50 cent fans are some of the dumbest ppl in the world!!! Smh lol

          • Free Slowbuck’s Chain

            hes independent getting like $7 an album compared to Khaled’s 0.25 cents.

          • Mr. Real Talk

            Hahaha you 50 cent fans are so delusional smh isn’t this the same guy that said “Independent is where you go when the majors don’t want you any more” now All of a sudden it’s cool to be independent cause he’s getting $7 a cd. Wasn’t that the same case Cam’ron, Fat Joe & Jim Jones were making??? Now it’s cool tho? U 50 fans are truly the dumbest most dick riding ppl in the world like seriously. And this nigga is a millionaire, what’s $7 off of every cd? Stop making excuses and just face it, your boy floppy cent is not relevant any more and no one cares about his failed straight to DVD movies or his lame ass album or his terrible headphones

          • GetReal

            bruh its all the same niggas they all on 50 street team not getting paid a dime to flood blogs no one gives a fuck about 50 outside of here

          • Dwight Stewart

            indie in 2014 is alot different than indie in 2005. especially when you got your OWN label with major distribution.

          • Blast

            And the game and his fans arent delusional ? really brah since when is it cool to hate then love a nigga and back and forth everyother week.. if saying shit then changing your tune later about what you said is what your calling 50 out for you must know dam well nobody does that shit more than the game !!!!!

    • Hannibal Lecture 4 President

      Itll sell more than that GUnit album please believe!

      • Hussle

        I think you’re wrong. i’ll put a 5 on that


    Fuck the label. Just give us good music.

  • The Incredible Creation

    hope he keep the good shit coming.. *shrugs*

  • EchoxHotel

    Blackwall street reunion comin up lol

  • bcl187

    Good job game for not selling out !!

  • LOL

    good move going independent, now give us good music

    • Free Gunplay’s Chain!

      not a good move. a good move would be to start his own independent label with all that money hes always bragging about, not signing to Koch aka the rap graveyard.

  • raj

    He stay trying to be like fif, his idol

  • Darth Plagueis

    He’ll do more than 35K first week.

    • NYC Shawty

      dont be so sure, he could barely move 80 on Interscope. Without that machine behind him it could get pretty bad for him just Fif.

  • Emcee

    isn’t “Or Nah” Ty Dolla $ song?

  • Rap Real

    E One aka Koch aka Disloyalty Records

  • brollya

    damn he even name droppin cash money label…. dude never thinks of hs own style

    • GroovyQ

      go back ktt bitch nigga

  • BitchMobb

    Game never disappoints

    • Cmon Son

      When you expect him to name-drop 2,000 times on a record, fail to reach gold, and inflate some obscure stat like outselling Watch the Throne in it’s 3rd week on the market…Game never disappoints

  • Darth Plagueis

    REALTALK my Gz, I’m sitting with a thot and we reading this post.
    She literally just said; “If you get more then 5 likes on this comment she’ll connect with B.Dot and take a shit in his mouth, then film it and give it to Q on WSHH!”

    I said BET .. help a brotha out, this is deeper than rap!!!!

  • Mr. Real Talk

    I can’t believe some floppy cent fans is in here talking shit after your man just did 40k the first week!!!! Y’all need 2 shut all the way the fuck up lol

    • EchoxHotel

      It hasnt been a week yet dude?

    • Blast

      40k of an album that was released and people heard way before the release date >>40 k indie profits on a free album <<anybody thinking that album was gonna do 500 k first week when people heard most of it a month ago are just niggas that wanna use that to say 50 flopped …game must like flops he wanted to be back in the unit bad….

  • djdyg

    If Game can stop the stupid name dropping and only have a few good features he could drop a dope dope album

  • ovo

    Game is such a dope fukin artist can’t wait

  • Kay-R

    Good choice. Indie will allow Game to drop that gangsta heat! Game is dope, haters go hate

  • BlueScalise

    Mariah Carey old ass just sold like 45k. It’s over for sales. Let’s judge the music.

    *Animal Ambition in store and iTunes Now*

  • Deez

    I actually look forward to the album & will buy it, because Game always comes with quality work. People that say Jesus Piece was full of feats, you guys clearly didnt listen right, the feats were balanced and werent that long like Yeezys hook on the title track. With that being said, do you guys listen to music or just skim through it???

  • Hannibal Lecture 4 President

    Niggas will hate forever. Game stood on his own. Buck, Banks and Yayo needed 50 for a reunion or they still would have been broke, lazy and putting out music nobody wanted to hear.

    • Diablo037

      Real talk bro!

    • Free Slowbuck’s Chain

      Game was the one making petitions for a reunion. You know he would hace been on that stage in a second if 50 invited him and didn’t look at him as a disloyal sucker.

      • Blast

        Hahaha I know He’s dumb to thats another reason 50 wouldnt fuck with him nomore he really thought yayo and banks had a problem with 50 and would turn on him trying to chill with buck kissing his ass like buck was really gonna choose him over the nigga that made buck a star and rich.. dumb mutha fuka!!!

  • BK!!

    Jesus Piece was straight to break my weed up on plate!!!!Animal Ambition is FIRE!!!!Game OVER!!!!!GGGGG GGGGG G-UNIT!!!!If you can’t see “Game dick riders”he is still trying to be 50….all his moves come after he sees what 50 does.Believe it that your girl is hurt she didn’t get invited to the reuninion…#G-UNIT!

    • Mr. Real Talk

      Nigga Animal Ambition is so fire it only sold 40k!!!! Hahahaha shut your dick riding ass up. You prob didn’t even buy the cd smh

    • GetReal

      you sound like a dick ridin idiot

  • Sk

    50 Cent ain’t even bout rappig anymore he do the albums for his ho ass fans

    • NYC Shawty

      go listen to them new g-unit remixes fool or cuffin season. he does this for the LOVE OF THE (RAP) GAME.

  • GetReal

    and just like that game becomes more relevant than 50 and g-unit, all from a nicki cameo lls

    • NYC Shawty

      HUH? 50 and G-Unit are trending all over the world and put out 2 hot remixes this week. Signing a Koch doesn’t make you relevant! If he was a boss he would have his own indie label like Fif.

  • dfds

    RIP 50 and Games’ career

  • EricHeisenberg

    I totally forgot about The Game. He has saturated his musical skills. Time to move on from Jayceon. Mixtapes were all trash. best album was LAX. other than his first 2.

  • QaadiruRashaad

    I really dig Stat Quo as an artist and he seems like a good dude. I know that between he and game they’ve learned enough from being apart of the system of at Interscope to do some good things. The question now is do they have the internal infrastructure outside EOne to make an impact independently. Yea Game has a reality show and he’s always in the public eye because of social media and the different dramas he gets into but is anyone really checking for the music. I think NOT. He hasn’t been putting out good music that will stick and his viral music game isnt where it should be. I wish these brothers the best but Game really need to get it together, especially musically. The streets dont feel game bro at all, eversince he shitted on his brother, that shit aint cool.

  • ASS

    G UNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!