• informant

    damn did u just call the asap mob hoes lol

    • slowbuck

      lmao from the description that was a sneak diss

    • oddmund

      yh they hoes, wack ass niggas

  • Kareem

    Why you call them hoes though? Hahahahahaha

  • BitchMobb

    Damn Big Homie, you just can’t be going around calling people hoes…smh

  • djdyg

    I thought A$AP Mob are from new york

    • el jim chapo guzman

      harlem nigga

  • BlueScalise

    Its funny how all of a sudden these crews are trying to drop music. G-Unit Back!!

    • killah

      50 cant drop a single eva since game left is you stupid????? go drink that vitamin water bitch ass nigga

  • ..

    This sound like ATLANTA shawty.

  • DialTone

    Yeah this ATL all day LOL!!!!! SMH booooo cats trying to keep the bills paid i guess just make sure some Boom Bap is on the album….

  • THE guest

    LOL big homie going in on the mob?

  • The Incredible Creation

    BORING… lol http://alltheparticulars.blogspot.com/ Crews tryna stay relevant cuz G-Unit back! lol

  • GetReal

    delusional ass stans on here really think g-unit back y’all obviously aint go to summer jam…


    SHIT IS WACK! Fuck dem niggaz their glory dayz OVA! Everbody needs to eatin their pussy, they lost it


      stop eatin*