• troy average

    gunplay better then everyone in mmg

  • Young Cuban

    Every Ross song sound the same, nigga G Unit is back and Wayne and crew is about to drop, y’all niggas is finish.

    • bcro31

      True, niggas got old real quick. This song will get 15 comments, while g unit gets 177 comments. This nigga Tracy t is awful.

      • LuckyP


        • bcro31

          dam, didn’t even realize the whole top 5 on rap radar is g-unit related. Real quick, lucky p let me guess you ride for mmg till the death right. The cape getting dirty huh. Shit starting to drag a little bit.

          • GetReal

            nah he just being real y’all obviously don’t buy the material or attend shows you probably didn’t go to summer jam no one gave a shit bout anyone there except ymcmb for real outside the blogs the unit makes no noise no hate

      • Ghost

        Gunit get the comments, but when comes to albuns sells they finished, only because stans DONT BUY NO ALBUNS LOl

    • It’s Just Music

      Wayne, Nicki, & Drake are the few rappers pushing units.
      I put down any money no G Unit album released will touch MMG compilation album sales.

      I really can’t believe you guys think people want to hear G Unit in 2014 lmao

      • bcro31

        Well social media is buzzing right know. Hell even Kidd Kidd was trending on twitter. G unit restored the feeling. Every song they released so far been trending. Mmg not so much.:-(.

        • It’s Just Music

          MMG is just as washed up at this point, but more relevant.

          They are trending because of the nostalgic feeling when they hit the stage together.
          Give it a couple month, the music won’t add up and they will be forgotten.

          Anyone bumping TOS?

          IDC about money, dope, gangsters, skinny jeans, beef or all that other bullshit people love to bring up when defending the Unit. If they bring good music then by all means I want them to win, but the music hasn’t been adding up. Only 50 and Banks been holding shit down.

  • Free Gunplay’s Chain!

    If everyone on this song went down in a plane crash hip-hop would be in such a better place right now.

    • el jim chapo guzman

      why would you say some shit like that you evil.

    • GetReal

      wtf kinda shit you on only some unit fans would say some fuck shit like this hope y’all niggas don’t have this mentality in real life get y’all asses killed off some stupid shit like this

  • brollya

    i hope they know lebron got cramps

  • Roc

    Big Homie.. the Heat back for the fourth time in a row… just thought I’d try and help

    • Based Guy

      haha smh “big homie” at least pretend that you know sports

  • Los

    This shit average bruh Realshit keep doing your thing fat trel

  • poetic assasin


  • KKK


  • polopolo1

    Ross bars was ok point, I like wale but he has this Korny habit of snickering in songs when he thinks hes said something Witty in order to indicate to the listener that he’s said something witty, his flow getting better but sometimes I literally can’t hear what this nigga is saying, I think he can be one of the best for sure, but there’s work to be done

  • djdyg

    Not another MMG post left at the top of RR for hours and hours smh. officer ricky is getting nervous lol, he bout to call in some more favors.

  • L Train

    Sad! nothing about this song is hit. Boring

  • 21juicyj21

    wheres Meek doe?

    • Free Slowbuck’s Chain

      on twitter defending his rat friend Snitchbucks!

  • FreSH82

    Ready for some new albums from MMG. Meek Wale and Stalley need to come on with it.. (pause)

  • el jim chapo guzman

    why meek not on it 8 minute track ?

    • Trillionare

      I was thinking the same shit when I first listen to the song but Ross was just in Meeks video so I dont think its no beef or nothing and last time Meek was on the breakfast club he said he got Ross back.

  • BlueScalise

    G-Unit Back!! Fuck deez fraud ads niggas.

  • Levi Garcia

    Wale just needs to sign with dreamville already



  • Trillionare

    This joint aight, but they need to put more out it look like G-Unit bout to take over the summer. They got the top 5 post on a web site even though 50 hates the owner that speaks volumes!!! Once Rapradar realizes that im sure changes will be made.

  • GUnit Over MMG

    Its over for MMG..same sound..same correctional officer lies..50 Ether these niggas outta here…Do It for Hip Hop!!! Get these fuckboys outta here…

  • raj

    this shit too long and the lyrics aren’t even good…. same ole beat…need a new gunit song ASAP

  • The Incredible Creation

    blah blah blah.. same ol’ shit.. zZzZzZz http://toomanyfuckinrappers.tumblr.com/

  • B

    The same niggas over here sayin g unit is back are the same niggas who were sayin g unit is dead yesterday lol hey make sure ya go buy the album when it drops and stop pickin sides like bitches Ross don’t know u 50 don’t give a fuck bout you dickrides lol

  • Ocho

    sometimes u gotta stick to the classic MMG sound…Im not mad.. I fuck with it

  • You niggas touchin ordinary bitchess

  • Erick

    Part 1 with Ross Meek n Gunplay still gets play for me to this day tht still fire

  • kedonrum

    ross need to fall back and let wale, meek gunplay and stalley shit even rockie shine. its gonna be the 2014 bad boys