Nicki Minaj Previews Video On ‘GMA’


Good Morning Nicki.

Nicki appeared on Good Morning America today and gave a sneak peak of her upcoming video, “Pills N Potion”.  She also spoke on the single, The Pinkprint, role in the film Other Woman and more. Below, is snippet of the video, which she will premiere in full on Monday at Live! with Kelly and Michael. We see you, Game.

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  • Donn

    Does she have aluminum foil on her face

    • SteveJacksonRealMan

      think so

  • Bangers N Mash

    Why won’t this thot just go away…

    • SteveJacksonRealMan


    • GetReal

      because she has a bigger following than your favorite rapper

  • SteveJacksonRealMan

    she is fading. she will be gone soon.
    No 1 whose a woman of color with taste and educational-class,self worth want to support her,nor Cash Money who support a racist who talk about killing blacks as a kkk,etc. like that racist Beiber,we know in life is…#GotNoLove4Racist #NikkiYouCan’tRap

  • GetReal

    and just like that game becomes more relevant than 50 and g-unit, all from a nicki cameo lls

    • bcro31

      Nope. Look above your head. Dam look at the top 5. All gunit related. Did game sign to koch records. 177 comments for a remix song, good lord. I don’t see other rappers jumping on 0-100 after g unit killed that track.

      • LOL

        nope, Nicki Minaj is more relevant than both G-Unit and Game. this puts a W in Game’s chalkboard. Nicki from NY an doesn’t even put 50 in her video.

  • pi8

    so much nicki hate?… summerjam renewed my love for her she was amazin!! she outshined gunit and nas

    • bcro31

      Stop. Go read what revolt tv had to say Nas, g unit did ny proud. 50 & gunit just restored the feeling. Sorry troy ave:-(