Slowbucks Responds To Snitch Claims

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Quiet Though.

The streets are talking and Slowbucks is all ears. Following his press conference on Thursday, many have accused the Queens native of snitching. Yesterday on his Instagram page, Slow repudiated the claim and said he’s, “never been into that type of shit!”

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In other news, it’s been reported that 50 Cent affiliate Mikey Fingers, was arrested in connection to the Summer Jam chain snatching. Yikes!


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  • Hussle

    Real niggaz know whats up indeed!! You snitched point blank period. You “Slowbucks” niggaz are finished!! It’s too late to save face. No way there’s another rapper who’s gonna stand next to them LOL

  • snitchbucks the informant

    u new york niggas take showers with your timbs on ! facts

    • Public Hairs


  • Jay

    Slowbucks looks like you got it fucked up brah nigga you a snitch take that on the chin oh I’m a real nigga also queens NYC

    • cain45

      you aint real homie

      • Jay

        I know like your mother I thought I was one of your five fathers

    • smh

      naw u just a keyboard thug from delaware

      • Jay

        Where u from so I can show up my keyboard pussy

        • GetReal

          you probably from Connecticut for real

          • Jay

            Nah but since you think so your moms was really wild out there intense knob twisting

          • GetReal

            you a lame with your elementary ass comebacks so now i know you from there

          • Jay

            I’m from queens ny

          • Jay

            Get real yo moms don’t charge me I hit that for free man she got some good pussy

          • Jay

            Ur grandmother was from there she was a nasty hoe

  • I dont get it….Slow was taking pictures with 50’s enemies, and then snapped a flick with 50’s son, then tried to run up on stage on 50 and got dealt, yet he’s the one trying to push charges? I’m lost……

    • K.W.

      he snitching point blank period.

    • BlueScalise

      He was hoping something would go down so he could snitch and get a come up.

      • Chevon Nurse

        This ninja lame he wanna be part of the culture but he wanna be able to do as he pleases like throw up a middle finger with dudes kids and get a free pass cause he know dude? Nah #greenlight

    • Extra Domus

      ur on point right there sir…

  • cain45

    slowbucks you a real dude f the haters

    • choco-prince

      wattup slowbucks

      • LuckyP


    • Get Moneynigga

      You”ll rat ass nigga…I see you bitch ass niggas stand up for each other…I want you to get yo brains blown out and get stretched to the world

      • LuckyP

        smh damn nigga all this cuz of a comment?

  • Sean Power

    social network has been down of the so call keep real and street dudes
    slowback didn’t snitch thanks the youtube and IG everyone a ready so what happen
    nigga tell on themselves by tweet and IG everything they do
    anyone who claim to be street dude shoud not on social network tweet there every move

    • Get Moneynigga

      You must’ve snitch on somebody before and you prolly a soft bitch ass nigga…now get yo pussy ass the fuck on clown…Slowbucks just got dog arrested who beat shit out of him…so bitch ass nigga I guess that’s not snitchin

      • Sean Power

        no sir i.m not key board thug like you, not street dude and internet thug i don’t send treats on the web
        know going back to watch your mom on video sex chat…ohh sir i just snitch on your mom she a freak she bust on cam for cyber tips

      • GetReal

        you are the biggest internet gangsta there is your mother should’ve aborted your useless ass bitch

  • lolololol

    jacoby and meyers

    • Phil Banks


  • Jay


  • EastOakland510


  • Extra Domus

    just keeps digging his own grave…

  • el jim chapo guzman

    snitchbucks real niggaz do real things

  • BlueScalise

    Rat Ass Nigga. You can’t explain away this fuckery.

  • Free Slowbuck’s Chain!

    You can’t play it both ways Slo! You wasn’t on that #BusinessMan shit
    when you were appearing in diss videos aimed at 50 Cent trying to hurt
    his brand. You weren’t thinking like a #BusinessMan when you uploaded a
    picture giving the finger next to 50’s son knowing he has problems with

    So after all that you thought you could come out on stage
    with everyone and maybe 50 wouldn’t notice and you could get some
    instagram looks or nah? I wish they would have really hurt him he got
    off light.

  • Free Slowbuck’s Chain!

    “real niggaz know” but Nas and Meek be deleting all their pictures with you!

  • jayo

    If 50 stole a pack of Gum from me I’d sue….lol that boy got money…slowbucks name alone should say it , he tryna get a piece that 50 money

    • Free Slowbuck’s Chain!

      thats cool but his life in NY is finished. No one is going to fuck with him after this and I don’t even know if he’s going to get a dollar because he can’t prove 50 ordered it and Slow provoked it all and still came on stage.

      • Free Gunplay’s Chain!

        Guess he can always move to Miami they’re cool with snitches, fags and cops down there.


    You don’t play with a real niggas family. That shit might work with Officer Ricky and them but real niggas do not stand for that and will make you pay. That lil pic with Marquise cost this man his brand, his reputation and most of his friends. Chess not checkers. and 50 got that Check mate nigga

  • NYC Shawty

    They saying SLOWS studio got shot up.

  • LAnigga

    Never trust a nigga who still rock a chin strap in 2014

  • Free Slowbuck’s Chain!

    Not only did this nigga snitch but now he got the nerve to post a picture of 50 in a cop uniform or some shit and call him 5-0 and then delete it right quick cause he too pussy!

  • JK

    what he is doing is the definition of snitching

  • It’s Just Music

    you talk and act that hard lifestyle you ain’t about, someone will check you.

    It’s unfortunate 50 Cent had to be the first one to check him.

    Don’t take pictures with the man’s kid on some passive aggresive female shit, get your chain snatched, and then cry and run to police and SNITCH.



    “And it’s the start of your ending” – Mobb Deep


  • smilinkilla

    this is funny, i wonder who writes this.. slow bucks were planning to jump 50 at websterhall LOL