Hit-Boy & HS87 “Sway In The Morning” Freestyle


Plug In the Morning.

Hit-Boy and HS87 are making their rounds at radio and.while in New York, they visited Sway In The Morning. At the 9 minute mark, the collective showcase their talents over some original production. Need more? Then download We The Plug here. Below that, check out Big Hit’s new video, “G’z Don’t Cry”.


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  • The Incredible Creation

    Dope, still don’t see any real “star-power” within the crew.. I think Hit-Boy should have established himself more as an artist before trying to put all 15 of these people on at once.. *shrugs* http://toomanyfuckinrappers.tumblr.com/

  • Mike_Ball423

    Audio Push is serious…. BMac was spitting there for a bit too…. I hope Hit-Boy doesn’t allow family to hold him back, cuz his pops was the worst of the crew…. these beats are absolute fire though, I would honestly buy a Hit-Boy instrumental album

    • Jesuspiece

      his pops don’t freestyle so his talent can’t be judged by that.

      • Mike_Ball423

        Fair enough, but I’m not a huge fan of his song either. He seems corny, but I’m just one opinion haha

  • Chronic

    Audio push is nice, they’re ridiculous at going back and forth

  • triggerbeats

    Audio Push are superstars in the making http://triggerbeats.com

  • DaJuan

    Oktane better at the Big Sean flow than Sean himself