New Video: PSY x Snoop Dogg “Hangover”


Drinks On Y’all.

You’re going to need more than an aspirin and some water to get over this hangover. After hitting the 2 billion mark on YouTube, Korean rapper PSY¬†throws back a few shots in his new video with Snoop. Bottoms up.

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  • GreenBergs

    oooopa gagnammm stylleeeee…

  • This is pure shit. Plain and simple just shit wack music not even party worthy Snoop lost a lot of points here but gained them back cos his Snoop still wack tho

  • Dope

    Damn Snoop.. why don’t you just mess around and have fun instead of trying to stay relevant with all these features.
    And it’s too much too late to jump on PSY bandwagon, he was popular for a whole month over a year ago, for some unknown reason, and will never be popular again.

  • Asians are corny

    Asians are corny

  • djdyg

    WTF come on snoop, it ain’t like you need the feature money.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Snoop need to go see what’s up with Kenneth bae in north Korea.

  • If anyone sees GGN they would know…plus its the best weekly tv show since the boondocks

  • blackholesurfer

    17 million views in one day must be doing something right.

  • Coroner

    Snoop is trying to hop on that billion youtube views train… this is awful though, the dude’s first video was funny at least.