Wiz Khalifa Returns To Whoolywood Shuffle

wiz whoolywood

Chicken Pot Pie??

We Dem Boyz (that’s not his name) returned to Whoo Kid’s show recently. On this time around, Wiz Khalifa spoke on his upcoming remix with Nas, Pimp C, his bust for “crumbs”, favorite food for munchies, Rihanna’s influence in his 28 Grams and more.



Wiz recently appeared on Whoo Kid’s Whoolywood Scuffle. TGOD explained his O.N.F.I.C cover, Amber Rose, desire to work with Dr. Dre, collaborating with 50 Cent including a possible joint film and more.

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  • JustMyOpinion



  • Aron

    Damn wiz the industry got u looking like a bitch on that cover there is nothing jimmy hendrix about…and u wifed a sexy whore and ya music is one track mined, save ya $ and realize that0you dont have the same team as mac miller (hes jewish) and your not that goes for every nigga in hip hop

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  • gooo


    shut up nigga. if you don’t fucc wit cuh, don’t comment..

  • jtm

    Hating ass niggas amaze me why waste your time being negative if u don’t understand the movement keep it moving



  • TwoTone

    The thing is with Wiz, just the fact that he eats healthy and cleansing his body of toxins is something he should talk about. Being raised muslim and all that, I know he is intellectual but chooses to portray all that bullshit. Not saying I don’t fuck with We Them Boyz heavy, just that he should sometimes show people he is a layered human.

  • The Incredible Creation

    “We Dem Boyz” = very catchy ..smh.. grew on me.. (just the hook tho) lol http://alltheparticulars.blogspot.com/