Joie Manda On ‘The Combat Jack Show’


Manda vs. Combat.

Last week, Interscope exec Joie Manda, was called out by Roc-A-Fella founder, Dame Dash. Breaking his silence with The Combat Jack Show Joie discussed the squabble, his come up, and record label responsibility. Fall in.

Who is Joie Manda? Why is his name being mentioned so much these days? Is he a “culture vulture”? How did he get to be a representative of Black music? For someone who hasn’t done a lot of public speaking, he speaks a great deal about these questions and more on this one.

UPDATE: Dame ain’t pleased.

 So disappointed in @combatjackshow for this lame interview but hearing this culture vulture lie was pretty funny they only spent 5 min of the whole interview addressing my concerns which was the only reason he was up there in the first place… Such a lame thing to do to your fans @combatjackshow hope you enjoyed our interview cause it won’t ever happen again…your now a victim of a culture vulture…look how cool they look by the way…I’m done with this lame whoever has to work under him should be laughing at him in front of him….he deserves to be treated like a liar… He cant remember is to funny to me he had the nerve to say that with a straight face

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  • cain45

    dame is a hater

    • B_G

      The word hater gets thrown around WAAAYYY too much nowadays. Dame ain’t a hater, he’s speaking true shit but he’s delivering it harshly and is a fuckin asshole so it makes him look even worse. Most of us can’t stand his snobby ass personality but if u get past all that he’s speaking real shit prolly 90+% of the time.

      • Nathaniel

        that’s true. people tend to pay more attention to the manner in which things are said, and whatever ‘feels’ more comfortable to them, they take that over what feels less comfortable.

        that’s emotional. we gotta be intelligent. listen with your brain, not with your feelings.

  • Marley71

    Fall back Ebro! You can’t disrespect Chuck D, and claim he’s not “relevant”. Definitely looking like King Joffrey, if you want to use King’s Landing references. Good introduction. Looking forward to listening to this.

  • Viva La Raza

    IE is a writer!!!!!!
    you rap fucks dont know about that night life…rocking throwies in the NYC winter?!?!?!

  • Combat Jack with another solid interview

  • #NowTellMeImLying

    dude sounds scared to sit in a room wit Dame and air out past Situations!!! not knocking his legacy whatsoever, he has done plenty for hiphop, but its obvious there is sides to the story he scared to let out.

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  • srucker

    fuck outta here….he signed trinidad james.

  • PTK

    dame was right. this guy is a part of the problem and combat jack deftly exposed that. combat brought up every ill going on in music today and this dude basically shrugged his shoulders like “what you want me to do?”, “everything’s great”. kids gettin assassinated in chicago over rap songs from his label? shrug. no black executives being developed? shrug. the proliferation of wack music and the lack of opportunity for artists to get their music in the hands of labels? shrug.


    Combat Jack through this guy softball pitches. When is Reggie gonna have the New New York on his show. Ag Da Coroner, Cashmere, Snake Hollywood, Action Bronson, Dudes that are really restoring the feeling.