New Video: Fabolous “Playa”

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Backed by a mosaic of B.I.G., Fab provides a visual aid for one of the lowlights off The Soul Tape 3.  Ain’t no playa hating here! Be on the look out for Fab’s Loso’s Way 2 later this year—or, whenever Def Jam feels like it.

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  • Cmon Son

    Yo what kind of weird faggot pieces together corny slang that doesn’t even make a point? “No playa hating here” but you called it a lowlight and said his album is dropping whenever Def Jam feels like it, all in the name of a shitty pun.

    All that said and I agree this shit is corny but you ain’t much better. Wish you & Fab would quit

    • Get Moneynigga

      I hate bitch ass niggas like you…all the fuck you bitch ass niggas do is hate…bitch ass nigga that’s the main reason why you clicked on this video…bitch ass nigga keep yo opions to yo self…nobody don’t give a fuck about yo feeling’s…I had to Ho yo bitch ass becuz I hate bitch ass niggas like you…ol trollin ass nigga…get yo lame ass the fuck on…go kill yo self bitch

      • Cmon Son


  • Mr. Real Talk

    I fux with Fab heavy, but this is the most annoying song off the mixtape

  • Fab is hustling though. Wish the label situation and him could work more in unison though.

  • Dope as fuck as usual but all these videos should’ve been out months ago & a new project should’ve been dropped. #SoulTape3 came out 6 months ago. A lot of people don’t like this track but I salute the one verse stories, need more of that.

    Salute to The Delfonics & B.I. #TIMELESS

    • Brian B.Dot™ Miller

      Cuffin Season best fab song in years

      • Fact. Also, “Lay Down” would’ve been a great single for him as well but they didn’t push that, I don’t know why not.

        That’s FLAMES for the shorties. #TIMELESS

    • Marley71

      Could be after the solid mix tape he’s dropping visuals as marketing for his albums. 50 is using the gunit buzz to promote SKI, he released videos before and sold the mix tape. Just different strategy?

  • PaperPlates Clothing

    fab has been killin shit.

  • Ocho

    Loso Way 2 been coming soon for 5 years? lol I wish he would have put out the soul tapes as EPs .. all have been classic #TDucks410

  • PTK


  • James Dean

    This nigga is trash, used to be a fan and i stopped after “Real Talk”, street fam desert storm fab was when he was at his best. I cant take the laziness of his bars.