• Y’all take the worse snapshots lol

    • Brian B.Dot™ Miller

      ur nitpicking now.

      • Ezylyfe

        i want be featured here .B.dot E$ytnash check my sound cloud

      • lol I couldn’t get over 50’s crooked finger. But all jokes aside, I’m just happy the Unit is back and you guys are sharing this moment. Salute RR.

    • GetReal

      be happy he posted these niggas on here video and all

  • @44wade

    This is by far the best thing that has happened in hip hop in a long time. Haters are mad as fuck right now.

    • bigfoot2011

      Wow. This shit hot for real?

    • bcl187

      Ur fuckin so right bro!

  • B.dot you my nigga, but add Kidd Kidd to that description. He’s earned it.

    • Extra Domus

      if he’s g-unit there’s no need to specifically mention a dude less known than the rest…the focus is on g-unit not kidd kidd bruh

  • Lucky Lefty

    Great to see these guys back at it together….this is how Dipset should’ve done it. Not sure if the masses care about this reunion, but as a fan I’m all for it. As an avid hip hop fan, moments like these are always cool. Especially when you’re there to see it as opposed to hearing about it from the old heads. So salute.

    • Esquire

      Dipset has some real corny individuals with very feminine demeanor about themselves so I think that’s why the Dipset reunion never materialized as we would’ve liked to see

  • Yamzz

    As much I like seeing the Unit back together it’s still bizarre to me…Banks and Yayo took crazy shorts and still stand behind 50…he sonned them in damn near every interview

    • NP

      friends get in arguments

      • 80nigga

        u mean brothers get in arguments these dudes are brothers wasnt nothin a simple convo couldnt cure unless u have a brother you wouldnt understand how easy that is to get over what your brother did or said

    • Michael Ibbett

      It was a marketing ploy so people didnt expect it, and to make it that much more news worthy when it happened…obviously…he knew exactly what he was doing

    • Anthony Kelley

      How the hell do y’all know he didn’t talk to them and map that shit out the way he wanted to….they probably knew where he was going before it happened

  • smillinkilla
  • facts

    make sure that nigga kid kid aint got no verse on that g unit album

  • Craig

    Get it together u need to add Kidd Kidd name too.

  • The Incredible Creation
  • true

    50 should have worn slowbucks chain lol

  • Get Moneynigga

    G Unit back 2 killin shit…it might be a different feel becuz it’s a different time with all theez weirdo rappers,autotunes and turn up records/club records but 50 Yay Buck and Banks tryin to restore that feelin when Gangsta shit was running shit in Hip Hop #NahImTalkingBout

    • bigfoot2011

      G Unit stuck

  • Ocho

    seems Im the only person not excited about this reunion lol… I love the feel of the music… but after 50 shitted on Yayo and Banks in numerous interviews .. how do u go runnig back?? lol .. Buck is good cause 50 gave him a pass in most of the interviews saying its in his personality… but I can’t fully support this.. I am excited Kidd Kidd is getting the long over due look he deserves tho

    • Get Moneynigga

      You crazy as hell…you must never beef’d with your brothas or one of your homeboyz before…real niggas clash sometimes…50 was dead wrong with puttin them on blast…I mean Buck was wrong and Yay was wrong…Banks just lazy at times that’s just the honest truth but it’s great to see them all back good

      • Ocho

        Like any man.. of course I have beef’d or argued with my brother or close friends … difference is even when we are not on the best terms.. U will never hear me talk about them negatively … I might shit on em when we by ourselves.. but never to the public,, and especially not to get any props off it like 50 did.. even if it was the truth, I shouldn’t know .. U shouldn’t know lol.. but we all do..

        just my stance on it

        • O.G

          They’re all public figures though. 50 was asked why there hasn’t been anything with the Unit and he told the fans what the problem was. It’s no different from when Jay or Dame is being asked about the Roc or Jim Jones and Camron being asked about Dipset etc.

        • Get Moneynigga

          I agree with that…like I post’d,50 was dead wrong for puttin them on blast…especially Banks and Buck…like we understood everything about Yayo but we shouldn’t have known about Buck owing him $250,000 or whatever how much it was…that phone conversation should’ve never went viral…let’s not forget that Buck was in the wrong for speaking on certain thing’s in magazines about 50 but 50 still should’ve kept everything in house…I don’t know if you notice but Banks never spoke bad about 50 that whole time

  • Get Moneynigga

    G Unit vs errybody…fuck all theez lame ass rappers who put out that average ass music that get heavy play on the radio…G Unit represent that real nigga shit…you kno clownin weak ass niggas,talkin bout gettin money,fuckin ho’s than say fuck theez ho’s…basically doin what real niggas should do…only bitch ass niggas hate on G UNIT #NahImTalkingBout

    • Donn

      Coon shit basically?

      • Get Moneynigga

        Aye fuckgurl watch how you type…don’t get yo pussy kicked in bitch

        • Get this nigga

          Fuckgurl?? lmao

          • Get Moneynigga

            Yeah fuckgurl…what you don’t kno what a fuckgurl is you bitch ass nigga…ol bitch made ass nigga stop making all theez accounts…the fuck is wrong with you

      • GetReal

        lmao basically

  • The Ghost Of Black Just

    This is a tough video.

  • O.G

    Loving Hip-Hop right now. The Unit!!!

  • radiKal

    Kidd Kidd the ugliest nigga in the game you scare the children with your ugly mug nah i’m talking about ?

    • Get Moneynigga

      NO HOMO…You judging niggas looks

  • @SkiYewNiverCity

    Nah im talkin bout!!! G-Unit is back killin shit like crazy

  • Abe6772

    Why can’t I like this? It’s like they want ppl to like them again, even though 50 cent lost 98% of his fans

    • Anthony Kelley

      No he lost you, throwing random percentages out there does not help justify the fact that you don’t consider yourself a fan

  • Ezylyfe


  • Damien Rome

    These guys (other than Buck who’s always been my favourite) were literally broken up for 2 weeks and everyones going crazy. I wish Banks put some solo shit out, because after him and Yay get called out for being lazy and relying on 50, all I see is looks with 50. Ab Soul’s out here standing on his own, Banks should too.

  • @OneManBeats

    loving this Beat too. one of those beats i hear and say , i wish i did that.

  • lenstrom

    I have a feeling 50 played the ‘long game’ on this one. The issue with Buck may have been 100% legit, but with Banks and Yayo, there never really was much of a real issue, just a few words exchanged and it was pretty recent, leading up to 50 going independent.

    All-in-all, consider the purpose of this reunion. I don’t think the point is to ‘take over the rap game [again]’. It’s to get money (think international tours in countries that are still behind in music and love 50 like the US did in 2003). And these dudes, at least Yayo and Banks, are like brothers to Curtis and 50 feeds his gorillas.

    • PTK

      no doubt.

  • PTK

    these dudes are relentless. never been a 50 or g-unit fan but most of this recent music is refreshing to hear.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    ggggggggggggggggunit is motherfuckin back niggas that’s what hip hop needed.

  • It’s Just Music

    kidd kidd verse grew on me.
    he easily had the best verse in the sing.

    • Ezylyfe


  • winnin

    50 got slowbuck chain around his arm lol unit back this shit hard

    • Anthony Kelley

      That ain’t Slowbucks chain, that’s a damn kilo, Slowbucks can’t afford that shit

  • bcl187

    I hate to say this but 50 cent and gunit make these Bad Boys Mmgs Young Moneys Cash money rappers look like lil kid bitches! I’m very glad Gunits back again…ALL WE NEED IS DIPSET AND ITS ON FOR SURE! COME ON CAMRON BRING BACK DIPSET!!

  • Esquire

    Khaled must be sick, even Slowbucks chain shows up for the video shoot

  • EricHeisenberg

    GUNIT is back for real, I can’t believe this is all happening.


    Lloyd’s voice is annoying as usual.

  • Its the Unit

  • GetReal

    i treat the unit like the heat i don’t really mind them for real, actually cool to watch but i fuckin hate the stans who fake support on blogs but don’t buy the material thats why i slander on these blogs because their sorry asses stay catching a fit about something they aren’t even buying

  • Jay

    Good shit right here

  • MadShot

    Random shit told.

  • OldManOnCampus

    if you haven’t noticed, dipset is slowly coming back. cam got a song with juelz Santana about dipset you dipshits. and then jim jones got a song where dame dash is talking the whole time about harlem and the diplomats.

  • SHAY

    that bridge tho!!!!!

  • Tactics

    First Gunplay got his chain took by 50 and his crew, then slowbucks lol 50 stay snatchin chains!!!!

  • hostage

    I listened to the original, but it can’t touch this ! yeah!



    ………..HA!!!! QUEENS WINS AGAIN!!!!


  • Fat boy foreign