New Video: T.I. x Iggy Azalea “No Mediocre”

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No Thot Bots Allowed.

With the World Cup underway, T.I. parades through a bevy of Brazil’s finest, in his new video co-starring Iggy Azalea. Directed by X, T.I speaks on the video with MTV here. His Paperwork drops September. The World Cup edition below.

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  • truth

    video of the year ?

    • kW

      So far yea

    • EricHeisenberg

      Looks like it, I don’t see nothing topping this.

    • Chris Brown’s Loyal video was out this year, don’t forget!


    lmao @ “No Thot Bots Allowed”


    Hands down T.I. Is the best in the game only other person that even go at the crown is Drake 2014 belongs to King Tip

    • choco-prince

      lmao yet his last album didnt go platinum


        Yet 6 Platinum two Gold…
        Oh yeah did I forget Paperwork is his 9th album Lame?

        • PIEGELIFE

          Need I add a couple are double and triple platinum Hahaaa Like I said 2014 is for #KingTip

        • choco-prince

          T.I. is washed. nobody except old niggas checking for him in 2014.

          • PIEGELIFE

            I should of known you were 12 my bad

          • choco-prince

            if he’s so hot why nobody buying his shit no more. ya’ll in denial.

          • pad thai for lunch my nigga

            cause nobody buys music anymore. Nobody has sales. Not sales by REAL MONEY STANDARDS, MILLION ALBUMS first week types sales….THAT was big….since we were once there everything by comparison doesn’t even seem worth tallying up when we know ACTUALLY how many albums people have the ability to buy. Success is measured now more by POPULARITY and not sales. Sales NEVER equate to cold hard cash anymore, not in the same token that a strong brand name will (i.e. Beats by Dre). And strong brand names make money off everything BUT the music (excluding tours).

            And fresh up and comers are in the same boat as ‘OLD LAMES’. These new guys have about 2 year careers max these days. REAL LEGENDS….sigh….drake is the only person next to a couple others that have really solidified themselves in the same way that other rap greats have. I think a lot of young people think the new generation is entitled to opening up new lanes…but that aint the case. That’s not how the game works. The pie is only so big and some people are still eating from it. It’s taking time for the next greats to really emerge. That’s why reunions are blowing up right now and even the movie industry is dusting off old classics because everybody knows the NEW BREED of shit is still in development. Aint there yet! SO CHILL!

            I give credit to T.I for having people check his album this long in the game. I dont care if you are young and hot right now, you still have to prove people will continue to give a fuck about you. And people give a fuck about T.I. because he earned it.

          • choco-prince

            him, jeezy and rick ross only push gold nowadays.
            they are all non-factors to me.

          • pad thai for lunch my nigga

            exactly man

          • PIEGELIFE

            You need to understand my young dumb nigga gold is 500,000 sales T.I. Last album did over 700,000 there’s still only maybe three people doing better than that

          • choco-prince

            those “maybe 3 ppl” are the hottest. not T.I. never will be.
            its not 2008 anymore.

          • PIEGELIFE

            Ok man we’ll have this this talk again in September

          • choco-prince

            must be depressing stanning T.I., he hasnt been the same since Paper Trail. good riddance

    • Sam Robilotta

      he fell off after he went to jail for the 5th time, maybe he comin back.

  • pharaon

    Great one T.I. at it again !! hustle gang in the bulding !!!

  • Sammy Davis Jr

    Nice beat, but too many overweight women, I am tired of cellulite rap.

    • NYComicBookGuy

      “Overweight Women?” I’m sure you’ll chance your mind when you become an adult. SMH #KidsTheseDays

      • Sammy Davis Jr

        I am in my 40s, son, and those are some pretty chubby chicks. I know that the skinny ones are expensive, but come on up your game, have some class and vision.

        • NYComicBookGuy

          Sure you’re “In your 40’s” Go back to class and up your grades and education. You kids are suppose to be the future? #GenerationLost

          • Sheldon Patterson

            What’s age have to do with this debate? I am 18, valedictorian of my high school, took 8 AP classes and already have enough credits to graduate college in one year. My point is I am old enough to understand that we all have different opinions on the quality of women we tend to gravitate towards. Sammy loves skin and bones and Comic Guy loves flab and thickness. I love all types. Let’s not degrade our women and instead speak positively about them as they are an important part of our future and the struggle to make this happen begins with you guys. #justschooledtwochumps

          • Theodore Pendergrass

            Right On, Bro!!!!

          • NYComicBookGuy

            Hi “Valedictorian,”
            Kudos, to you and your academic accomplishments (if true). You’re right about speaking positively about women, no argument there. I would love for you to show me where I degraded women in my posts? Side-note, if you’re going to feign feminism, try not to use descriptions like “Skin and Bones” or “Flab and thickness” They completely undermine your argument and intentions. Good Luck in college!

          • Sheldon Patterson

            Hi “ComicBookGuy”. Before anything grab your retainer and take a deep breathe and relax. You seem like trouble. I will not engage in civilian conflict with a loose cannon. Have a great life and keep reading those Archie comics. Good luck with life!

          • Parka Pope

            you like them california slim jims ass broads? I like em thick and they brazilian Win win

  • GreenBergs

    if t.i aint fuckin iggy then he really do want that mediocre…

  • Sam Robilotta

    Tinys pissed

  • LP1087

    Iggy stopped forcing her delivery. Starting to sound….listenable

  • wow

    Iggy Bad son!

  • djdoit

    But……..Tiny is mediocre tho

    • Red deavis

      lmao good one

  • bob

    who is that first chick in the bathing suit?

    • edeedub

      Montana manning

  • Respect All of Our Opinions

    Tip had to at least put the tip in Iggy.

  • boss

    who that girl on the first shot

    • edeedub

      Montana manning!

  • Jay’Me Lovee

    Anyone Know Who The Dark Skinned Chick W/ The Short Hair Is , ?