T.I. On Hot 97 Morning Show

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Tipping Point.

T.I.s in town and stopped by the Hot 97 Morning drive. He talked about his skirmish with Floyd Mayweather, Iggy Azaela’s success, family life, and  new single.


T.I.P. is on his promo hustle. This morning, he appeared on Cipha and Rosenberg show to plug his new book Trouble & Triumph, reality show and album Trouble Man, from which he praises the Andre 3000 verse.

After the jump, he checked in with Angie Martinez the other day to discuss the same topics as well as fatherhood and weighed in on Weezy’s comment on New York.

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  • Black Shady

    best 3stacks verse ever??? we’ll see…

  • @gtfomike

    I doubt it’s better than Return of the g i.e.

  • @gtfomike

    Oh he said guest verse, just finished watching. But I’m excited for the album regardless
    T.I. is still one of the nicest, just listen to “Big Beast” or how his bonkers flow on Bitches & Bottles
    just rapes Waynes weird 2 Chainz impersonation.

  • Lantern Core

    T.I. stole that line from Dave Chappelle
    lol respect

  • SeanBreed

    lame dude. what happened to this dude… smdh.

    • Keith

      he’s trying to force the ghetto sound too damn much. He’s very smart and educated sounding if he’s not putting on the “hood”persona. Once he’s in public though its that act that comes out. This is what you get, the act.

  • @SkiYewNiverCity

    He can have a whole convo and lose you half way thru

  • Keith

    He needs to stop forcing the “hood” sound in public and just be himself. He tries to put on this persona in public that really makes him look worse.