New Music: Lupe Fiasco x Ty Dolla $ign “Next To It”

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Lupe’s Next.

Prior to the U.S.’s 2-1 victory over Ghana, Lupe performed his “Mission” at Chicago’s Grant Park. Last night though, he visited WGCI and allowed DJ MoonDawg to premiere his new single featuring Ty Dolla. Sounds good. Before it hits iTunes Tuesday, here’s a rip.


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  • yeezus

    Shit sound refreshing! And Ty Dolla $ign did his thang as usual.

  • Dashing28

    OK.This is the best Lupe song I’ve heard in years. This shit is flames. Radio. All day, Crazy flow. Sounds like a throwback, but still mad current. Dope.Drake remix in 3, 2, 1….


      had to read the comments before i heard it lol. but i agree with you 100%.

      make sure u peep u might mess with it

      • Dashing28

        It’s dope to hear a Lupe record that’s just good music, especially as a single. Not everything needs to be “conscious” or super lyrical. That’s been Lupe’s problem as of late, but this is the best single I’ve heard from him in awhile. Very thorough. Heavy airplay all day with dope chorus.

  • polopolo1

    Damnn wow I was expecting this to be garbage? Has lupe found the happy medium again? I hope this nigga done bullshittin

  • DaTruthWillSetUFree

    OK IDK WTF yall niggas listening to but this is some bullshit with some hot garbage Next To It.

    Skate on Lupe this won’t get it done.

    • polopolo1

      u buggin this shit fresh,

  • Sommo


  • Von

    Lupe got one!

  • yeah this sounds nice but i don’t know i like lupe on his black fist power movement but hey everything look good with a bitch next to it might be right lol..this passes with a 6 out of 10.

  • b r z a

    this is Chicago photographer Trashhand’s photo

  • The Incredible Creation

    shit was cool…. lol =/

  • PhilLee8

    Crazy how Lupe gotta dumb his music down for y’all idiots to like it. SMH

    • It’s Just Music

      lupe has been putting way too many complex metaphors and ideas and cramming them in songs constantly.

      its cool once and a while but every single song?

      lupe deserves a radio record like this and get the recognition he deserves. we all know this kid can spit, he does ‘t have to prove this to us anymore.

    • polopolo1

      its not that its too complex, he hasnt been in the happy medium, lupe has this gift he makes real lyrically concentrated songs he proved that with his first two albums, but his music started to become more and more unrelateable, and on top of that the beat choices were really poor in taste

      i assume your a real fan so youd know the song called the instrumental(never lies)?? u remember how dope the bars were? and how he talked about the box(The Tv)? that shit wa relateable, the production was amazing, and the bars were impecable,

      this is what made people say lupe was the biggest thing since Ye and jayz, remeber in 06 llupe was kendrick lamar today, the savoiur of hip hop everyone had been waiting for

  • Guest


  • Guest


  • Kevin Banks


  • MassConglom

    I like that, that dope, can’t wait for the mix version to drop.