New Video: Dame Dash x Sen City “Flip”

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 12.09.56 PM

Lil Flip.


Dame said on The Combat Jack Show that he wanted to be an artist. So with Sen City getting his Max B on, he takes another crack at it in his new video. Pay attention and listen real closely how Dame breaks this “flip” shit down.


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  • @44wade

    Anyone can be a rapper now, all you need is a good beat and feature and your good to go.

  • DiabolicalDessy

    dame is my man but homie let me show you how to roll a joint bruh. that L you smokin look janky as fuck

  • cain45

    dame went from jay-z to this smh

  • The Incredible Creation

    terrible way to try n get back in the fuckin “rap game” … this shit so trash… and this is the man who brought us Jay & Kanye bruh! smh

  • bigfoot2011

    This nigga Dame on a campaign to explain why he’s broke. Jay, Diddy, 50 are all flipping but ain’t broke.

  • EvenOdd


  • smillinkilla

    This guy is the REAL culture vulture. He put batteries on these interns and artists and never pay them!!!

  • bcl187

    This song goes hard

  • JAYZ

    man dame broooo…like we let you walk around naked in the 90s in all them Jay videos drinkin expensive champagne n shit fukin bitches but the stupidity must stop now Dame u aint no rapper this nigga in the video is no rapper , we dont fuck with weird beats with no MCing on them go back to being broke man………