New Music: Troy Ave Ft. Diddy, Ma$e & T.I. “Your Style (Remix)”

your style

Stylin’ On You.

YN ain’t lie. Accompanied by a couple of Bad Boys and a Grand Hustler, Troy gives his style an upgrade with the remix to his current single.

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  • Epul

    Troy Ave Album Tracklisting Early Release: ‘Get Wealthy or Die Trying’
    1. What up thug
    2. Calmly Waitin’
    3. Multiple Men (Wish Death)
    4. In Da Party
    5. 24 questions

    • bigfoot2011

      1. High some of the time

    • KAREEM

      6. Gotta Avoid Hell
      7. Don’t Put Your Arms On Me And Thrust
      8. U Not Similar To Moi

      • IamRealTalk-BdotLivesWithDad

        9. Chocolate Shop

        • bpproductions

          Powder Shop


      lol classic. y dont u like troy? he bringing NY back…

    • Vurbz Fenomeno

      second album: “The destruction”

  • Michael Ibbett

    Lol at the bridge outro lyrics saying; and ain’t nobody sound like this…while hes doing 50s melodies

    • Mr. Real Talk

      He sounds more like Ma$e than 50 on this track tho!

      • Michael Ibbett

        Yeah I thought the hook was mase at first..till I remembered this Shit been out….that outro bridge though is 50

    • realish

      Yea and while 50s doing ja rule melodies

      • Michael Ibbett

        Which melody did he use of ja rules? Im speaking of a specific melody, not just melodies in general.

  • Riz

    50 wanna be no thanks

  • Dafuq

    I don’t get how he’s trying to sound like 50?

    Niggas said the same shit about shyne, and after a few listens shyne never reminded me of Biggie.

    • smh

      that voice that shynee did was forced thats not even how he sounds like lol it was just him replicating big

  • can’t hate on this boy he using is resources to get far lol…50 still here right.

  • Themans

    MA$E verse sauce

  • K4L

    Troy Ave serving bitch slaps powder! NY you got future artists now in that town. Play them on your radio.

  • this is cool

  • Fat boy foreign

    Nigga this is shit is pure trash!!! Mase & p daddy need just give it up. Troy ave whatever the fuck that nigga name is, is terrible. He cannot measure up to California artist k. Dot, q, yg, ty$, iamsu. Them niggas is really hot got certified hits. What this clown got? Trying to force feed the public this bullshit. Ain’t no hot young NYC artist period!!

    • The Card Puller

      Gotta check d.I.b shit out, that’s hot nyc hip hop

  • Bkmkj

    ok so how the FUGG did he get these big hittas on this remix with NO Label??

    • Free Slowbuck’s Chain!

      hes about to sign to Grand Hustle with T.I.

  • wow

    This is good… great feel for the summer!

  • @SkiYewNiverCity


  • Vurbz Fenomeno

    troy ave is a g-unit cover band