Shooting At Nas & ScHoolboy Q Concert


Made You Look.

A shooting occurred last night outside the Red Rocks Ampitheatre in Morrison, Colorado following a NasScHoolboyQ and Flying Lotus show. According to authorities, the suspect(s) opened fire at a SUV wounding 3 passengers. Although Q was not involved, he was briefly detained for questioning. No arrests have been made. Says 9 News:

“We do not believe this is a random shooting into a crowd,” Jefferson County Sheriff spokesperson Mark Techmeyer said. “We don’t know what the motive would have been for the shooter or what the connection is with the victims.”


q-detained 2


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  • Hope Q got nothing to do w/ it

  • wow

    Look at ya boy, talking to the authorities lol

    • look at you boy, snitching online. disgusting. take a shower

  • Troll The Duck

    Just hope everyone is safe. They shoulda settled there beef outside of the venue several miles away.

  • true story no lie

    Nah it was more like detain the only black guy they see. Jesus fucc the police. Q like im performing wtf! shut up in get in the car nigga

  • Shoutout to the niggas that was smacked, ridin dirty with a suspended license & tags, that was nervous as shit in that checkpoint line SMH

    Colorado? Would’ve definitely been me. LOL #TIMELESS

  • Lester Nygaard

    Look at Q snitching… Slow Bucks ass nigga.

  • hiphop fanz

    I wish NAs wouldnt tour with this GANG member. Legendary Nas is tooo good of a guy to tour with Schoolboy Q.

    Also, Kendrick shouldn’t be touring with SChoolboy Q either. Q is a CRIP and Kendrick has too much to lose.