Kanye Joins Dave Chappelle At Radio City

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Block Party.

Dave Chappelle returned to Radio City Music Hall this evening for his week long stand up. During his set, he brought out Kanye for a surprise performance. “New Slaves” above, while “Jesus Walks” with “Gold Digger” below.


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  • DrJay

    must be on his pills he seemed pretty chill tonight

    • Lamar Adot Thomas

      Lol why the man got have a pill. Can he be happy that he is married?

  • Steady

    He only performed 3 songs but Dave was hilarious as fuck tho, nice comeback, worth the ticket price….

  • Charlotte Allen

    I don’t care what none of yall say I still love him #Kanye

    • Abe6772


      • Lamar Adot Thomas

        why lmao

      • seanjay40

        How are you on a hiphop web sit and asking her why she love Kanye. Do you like music?

        • Abe6772

          I like music that isnt crap. Kanye isnt about the music anymore and try to tell me he is without feeling like a lier.

  • Katin

    http://www.imkanyewest.com all that matters…we all kanye west

  • RealDeal©Hill


  • GetReal

    you gotta be an idiot to not know that kanye was trolling the entire promotional campaign for yeezus, cheapest form of promo there is, which is why he went plat without one radio hit