New Music: Curren$y “A Lil Sumthin (Come Up Big On Em)”

a lil sumthin

Jet Life.

Sometimes little things come up big. And with Purpdogg on the beat, Spitta Andretti pulls up with his latest track. Pilot Talk 3 coming soon.

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  • smoss44

    man never got the hype around dude… to me the most overrated rapper in it. His vocal frequency is horrible and lyrically he’s below average. just my opinion stans.

    • West West

      And still he brings the best out of artists!

      Spitta was with weezy when wayne was in his 81 charted songs zone! Just hits, no misses! 😉

      And the best project wiz did was kush and OJ! Wiz even mentioned that that mixtape was heavy influenced by Spitta cause they were hanging out for 3 month straight in LA.

      So even if you think he is average never forget that he is the major influence for a certain artist/projects that you like.

    • bigfoot2011

      Must every song be lyrical? His songs put u in a chill and relaxed mood. Stop judging every song by lyrics.

      • smoss44

        lol you niggas is so delusional! this shit wack, beat flow, all that. wiggidy wiggidy wack! foh wit this he ride on the beat shit. he sounds like he’s retarded…

        • Odd

          And why did you comment on this then FOH witcho hoe ass

        • Black Crime Rate

          You’re in the minority man everyone knows Spitta is dope, get the fuck outta here!!!

          • smoss44

            ha. you think I give a fuck if I’m in the minority bitch? I comment just to fuck wit you stan ass sheeps, can’t keep it real. Currency is ok, just overrated is all. suck this. and this song is the worst thing he’s prolly ever done.

  • DREWbreeze

    There is no HYPE about Curren$y. Lyrically, he’s the most vivid and honest rapper out. He’s damn sure consistent! And his voice is chill af. LIFESTYLE rap…get hip!


    he floats on these beats

  • D’Lo Brown

    I hope he don’t rap like this the whole ablum, I like the beat but he needs to try and get back into that Pilot Talk 1/2 flow

  • @44wade

    Not feeling this one, but it might grow on me.

  • smoss44

    you know what’s funny is all you niggas are die hard fans but won’t support your fav artist. He put out an album today that shit would go double wood. fuck ya’ll fake internet suckas. dick ride but won’t provide

  • WaitWhat?!

    I don’t get the hype around this nigga. Listening to any of shit put me to fucking sle….zzzzzzzzzzz