New Music: The Weeknd “Often”


Ooh Yea.

No more lonely nights, ladies. Listen as The Weeknd keeps the sex going—and going with his brand new release. Oh, and feel free to bring a girlfriend along with you too.

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  • It’s Just Music

    wow this shit sucks.
    the weeknd needs illangelo and doc mckinney, aka his old producers.
    the song writing is getting very lazy this time around.

    • CocaineGigolo

      man I totally agree…my face the whole time was -_-

    • summertimer

      how is this lazy?

  • THE guest

    damn this sounding like house of balloons shit. nice.

  • alex chungu

    Nice hook


    I dont understand you so-called “music enthusiasts”. One day you love Weeknd and the next day you don’t.. then the next day he is good again. Smh. All this shit sound the same to me.. it’s all good tho.

  • Bruh Bruh

    this goes hard…. thanks to RR for posting this.