• No Bueno.

  • Cmon Son

    Wiz is my nigga and all…just making a simple observation…but his 1st single “We Dem Boyz” dropped in February & he still doesn’t have a big enough buzz to drop the album. 28 Grams was a solid 7/10 but he just doesn’t have that post-Kush & OJ juice anymore…

    • Brian B.Dot™ Miller


    • Jewelz

      28 Grams was a 0/10 in my opinion.

      • smoss44

        then you shouldnt be on this post. aww shit!

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Wiz fell off but wiz trying to get his respect back cause 28 grams was ok.

  • Hizzy

    Love the new direction wiz is taking. Da boy made his own lane in this lame game.

  • Wiz that NIGGA for getting Juicy J & Project Pat on a single though!
    This shit WAVY too. Jim Jonsin BODIED this production.

    I don’t see how niggas can hate on Wiz’s subject matter, been the same for yrs.
    28 Grams did NOTHING for me. Taylor Allderdice still gets play. #TIMELESS

    PS. Nigga has his own weed strain if you niggas didn’t know. KK = Khalifa Kush

  • Respect All of Our Opinions

    I listen to Wiz on occasion. I listened to all of 28 grams and I liked a few songs, but I thought it was a little too much singing & autotune. Wiz doesn’t do that, must of been just tryin’ some shit out? I’ll bump Three Six until I die! This song bumps. I wish I was high.

  • STRIK9

    This muthafucka sucks and always have. I dont know why 2 legends like juicy n pat fuck with his weak ass instead of the mafia. They stay claimin n sayin”mafiaaa’ but abandoned their crew for this clown.Da mafia 6 tape go harder than this shit anyday