New Video: 50 Cent “You Know”

you know 50

High Yellow.

When it comes to stuntin, there’s nothing you can teach 50 Cent. But for the dumb rappers that need teaching, here’s his yellow infused clip directed by Eif Rivera. In case you didn’t know, Animal Ambition is in stores now.

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  • Hussle

    so is 2014 gonna be the year of 50??? If he’s really releasing 2 other projects this year..

    • Free Slowbuck’s Chain!

      3 albums in 5 months if everything goes according to plan.

      • SHAZAM

        whats the other one???

        • Free Slowbuck’s Chain!

          Animal Ambition, Streek King Immortal, G-Unit Album

  • BlueScalise

    50 Can go to Detroit, The Bay, Chi, Baltimore, Miami, Houston and anywhere else he chooses. Not everyone can say that now can they!

    • Giovanna Argueta

      So can a white man..whoopie doo..Fucking blacks need to get their youth in check and help their people..Detroit Killers whatever cant even pay their water bills

  • @44wade

    Only track on AA i ain’t really feeling compared to the others

    • Public Hairs

      Word. The production killed this song’s potential. Same with “Animal Ambition” and “Winners Circle”

  • @SkiYewNiverCity

    I fucks with this song!!! Liked it from the moment i heard it

  • The Incredible Creation

    zZzZzZz more new G-Unit group tracks, please..

  • Matthew Morgan

    Mark my words gangsta rap is 2014…too much pretty shit out here..

  • stacks

    Fifty ability to create another style in 2014 and not sound like everybody else is pretty impressive


    REAL REAL REAL BOSSS!!! peep an see how this dude is STEALING KANYES STYLE DOG smh .

  • Mylo

    Keep doing yo thang

  • EricHeisenberg

    the funny thing, 50 actually owns that car.


      how is that funny?

      • EricHeisenberg

        rappers rent vehicles for videos and have them sent back. I have receipts.

    • smale45

      that car is 10 years old. Not something to brag about as a rapper. Fifty looks like a clown with his car collection next to Birdman or Diddy

      • EricHeisenberg

        and who cares. I just commented “the funny thing, 50 actually owns that car.” so it seems you took it in bitter tone, in a jealous or hurtful stance. Please, it’s not serious. move on.

        • smale45

          then wtf is so funny ? I didn’t took it in a jealous way or anything. My point was, don’t make fun of other rappers who rent cars in their music videos. Because in the end, even fifty does it. this is a rare video of him actually using his own car. But in the end, this just makes him look stupid to what he raps about. Rappers spend more money on renting cars than what this old Ferrari goes for these days.

          • EricHeisenberg

            you just proved my point…I never made fun of other rappers…so that is evidence you feel like putting on your cape and defend. move on bro. It’s hump day.

          • GetReal

            nigga shut up yes you were why the fuck else would bring up the fact he got this old ass car in his video, 50 fans are clowns who can’t argue for shit i swear




    • Giovanna Argueta

      name me a hot song a got rap song in 2014…stop the hate. let the man rap his melodies…

      • GetReal

        0-100, draft day, basically anything drake touched, we dem boyz, or nah, stoner, the blanguage, bigger than me, man of the year, studio, like should i keep going its so many other hot songs out that people wanna act like they don’t know smfh

        • AK

          you just named a bunch of bullshit, that’s why you fools don’t like his album when it is clearly hardest shit dropped this year so far, lames to stuck on that bullshit. Oh and by the way the Unit killed 0 to 100 and made it they own shit. Satellite radio play it more than drake shit

          • GetReal

            bitch you like g-unit your opinion on music means absolutely shit to me fuckin loser, i know you don’t go out much or have a social life

        • Giovanna Argueta

          i have literally heard NONE of those songs…I only know of 0-100 because of G-unit

          • GetReal

            you really aint heard we dem boyz, man of the year, studio, stoner? get your lyin ass the fuck outta here either that or you’re even more of a loser than you look and live under a fuckin rock, get out more, because they don’t even play g-unit in clubs or events, so you just a lame

          • Giovanna Argueta

            Literally nope. Lol who raps on we dem boyz?
            Never heard of man of the year and who is the studio stoner?
            Why would I care if g unit is played at a club? I don’t get your point.
            They haven’t played g unit or 50 cent in clubs for years now.

  • cA

    Man, this shit is hot. I don’t care what anybody says.

  • smale45

    Another wack ass video from Fifty. this is the “boss” who drops 10 low budget music videos in a row and does 30k first week. This is the stunna, who still drives Lamborghini Murcielago, this is the stunna who has a Ferrari back from 2005 in his fucking videos, acting rich… lmao. Fuck Eif Rivera

    • AK

      it was was more like 48k get ya facts straight, and he still moving units cause that’s how the indie game works, this man made hella cake and all you doing is sitting ya lame ass behind a keyboard typing ya hate comments

  • O.G

    One of my favorite records off AA

  • diggz

    The god