“Calm Down” Busta & Eminem Is Coming


Buss Vs. Slim

The wait for Busta’s highly anticipated collaboration with Eminem is almost over. Produced by Scoop DeVille, the 6-minute track has been described an intense lyrical exercise. Get ready, E.L.E. 2 (Extinction Level Event 2) is still upon us. Says Buss:


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  • Matik

    this will be BANANAS

    • bcro31

      If you say so. Just because there going to rapping fast doesn’t mean the song will be any good. You em stans better pray he comes correct on this track. Could have another em & kendrick moment. I like busta &em but really haven’t listend to either of them on the regular since 06′.

  • Word

    I’m guessing the song will be the exact opposite of calm. In fact, I imagine these two will spit about 100 words per second as angrily as possible.

    But its Eminem so I’ll listen, and I’ll probably find a reason to enjoy it 🙁

  • GreenBergs

    no one cares bout slim shady anymore..

    • BK James

      True he hasn’t been good in years at least Busta still has bars.


    • hiphopreligion

      haha no one cares about slim shady ? i guess thats why his last album had the most sales and also why he is selling out shows in minutes…

      • GreenBergs

        yeh in ireland…or wtvr the fuck australia

    • b r z a

      speak for yourself

    • 8Galaxy5

      No one cares but he still sold 800 000 copys the first week of his latest album.
      Still selling out stadiums all around the world.
      But yeah,no one cares.

    • #AllVarsityMusic

      You must be a huge idiot, making a statement like that!!!

      • GreenBergs

        u must be on his pr team, making a statement like that!!

        • I’ll shit on you

          Listen here clown. Your life means nothing to a boss like em. Look at yourself blogging about how he ain’t the shit. Not selling records. Not murdering every rapper out.

          You like to like the hate in your mind. It’s cool just ask your favorite rapper about him.

          Or your mom.


          • GreenBergs

            u are really mad team shady lmaoo…

          • I’ll shit on you

            No I just know music. Sucks to be you fam. Em is the only nigga to do Beatles numbers

          • GreenBergs

            well i know music too, ever since 8 mile the dudes music went on a steady decline the years following..nd obv u dont understand the machine which is jimmy iovine..

          • For Real

            Been reading all your comments on this, first off, get a life loser, sitting here talking about a rapper you don’t like. Cool bro. Secondly, as far as selling out shows, the label can’t buy those homie, you can see thousands of fans so that’s shot down. Album sales don’t even matter, that does not judge talent. It just so happens he is the best selling artist of the decade but that’s beside the point. Em is at his lyrical peak, fact. He will never be able to recapture that same magic that he had, no one will ever be able to do that again. The dude still makes good music and does not need a thousand features on his tracks. If you don’t like his stuff anymore than that’s fine, but don’t come in here trying to convenience people to see it the same way you do. That’s a horrible way to live man, always hating on something and trying to bring other people down with you. Good luck in life and my prayers are with you young man.

          • GreenBergs

            all you em fans are kiddin yourselves at this point, all you can do is bring up show sales and albums sold…you cant bring up relevancy or his tarnished legacy..lololol btw this is coming from a man who was once the happiest kid ever when he received a marshall mathers lp expicit version from his mother at 9 years old…

    • Brian B.Dot™ Miller

      dumbest shit i heard in a while.

      • GreenBergs

        lol it truly is proving to be a true statement, fans boys or “stans” like yourself actually have to sit here defending eminem…lmao when did that start happening???wen he became trash, the general public has spoken…

        • 8 mile smile

          Dawg. You don’t know rap. Eminem is at the top of his game and all he puts out is classics.

          Just wait for next years Grammys. Won’t b about gay marriage it will be about how this album got em the record and album of the year.

          I swear the only thing haters can say is why does he rap with angry yelling. Bc he does it on beat under composure. The exact opposite of how EVERYONE acts when they yell and shit.

          No one spits that raw. Tupac was a legend. Biggie is immortal but shady is a GOD

          Stan or no Stan. You won’t realize it until he is gone but for now I suggest you look at them sounds and again duck the truth and go suck on pistachios homo

        • Theodore Pendergrass


    • thats why my dude is stil moving major units and selling out shows like it aint nothin because nobody cares..

      • GreenBergs

        lol omg you guys not realize labels purchase records nd btw
        this is eminem we are talkin bout the single most overrated rapper in

        • lol fuck outta here eminem sells records because he has a shitload of fans that have been gained over the years and if u think hes the most overrated thats your opinion that title goes to lil wayne if u ask me..

    • BK!!

      Over a million people did this last album so check your stats your facts are backwards…

      • GreenBergs

        lol omgoodness do you guys not realize labels purchase records nd btw this is eminem we are talkin bout the single most overrated rapper in history??

        • Theodore Pendergrass

          You on a roll Bro.

  • naaahh

    wont have that same feeling as when Busta came to aftermath and Slim was just about to start losing it to drugs. Em now…. like the skill and everything is there but its as if he’s uninspired as hell. Which is understandable for many reasons, the game being whack as shit at the moment being on of em…

    • bcro31

      I agree with you. Its 2014 both these guys need to retire. I mean there legends what else is there to prove.

      • 8Galaxy5

        They dont need to retire
        Just because low life fuck yourself wants to doesnt mean they should.
        EM still selling millions of records,why the fuck should he stop`
        He does it because he loves hip hop.

        • bcro31

          Woo, calm down. I know em’s your favorite rapper, but seriously how long Do you seem him doing this for? People have to stop living their lives through Rappers. Internet people are too emotionally involved These days. No need to get all Rashead Wallace on a Nigga.

      • Joshua Lang

        As long as your selling 800,000+ copies firstweek (Eminem) keep rapping as for Bussa Bus he should’ve retired years ago.

        • MrHeat

          They made enough money to be able to retire so why would they still be doing it? It’s simple: Coss they love it! Music doesn’t just go out of your system because you get older. It just matures. That’s what happened with MMLP2. Em matured and dropped a real piece of music on a scene where people are screaming for bullshit coss the rest of the rapscene isn’t bringing anything deeper than a babybath!

          • BK!!

            So true…The game is saturated with wack shit!People can’t use their brain to try and catch the wordplay and schemes The Goat displays with consistancy….Hate is just based on their eduction level…They really can’t comprehend anything but bitches and popin bottles…EM is the TRUTH!

    • lenstrom

      Agreed. These two should have no more ‘dragons to slay’ at this point. Although, I would imagine that is not the point of this collaboration. They are doing it just because they can or always wanted to and the stars just happened to align.

      EM is absolutely uninspired these days for sure. I can’t imagine he has much more to say, rightfully so. And Busta, well…. he sacrificed his legacy to stay relevant by signing to YMCB.

      This record will likely just be a fun listen. No more, no less.

  • eastpointvet

    its going to disappoint because its being hyped and nothing meets the internet expectations even if its good

    • bcro31

      True, ie: em & kendrick.

  • b r z a

    lol @ everybody saying Em needs to retire?! put it this way when Em is active not one “rapper” gets in his way! why? bc they know what it is. Em released “Rap God” and did your favorite “rapper” argue with it? don’t worry I’ll wait. Nobody with credibility has ever really challenged Em and we all know why. take a seat

    • Dope

      Well said, whenever some rapper proclaims himself ”King of ______” on a track, there are 20 others who come jumping on beats to murk him. When Eminem proclaims himself god.. all you hear is prayers.

      • b r z a


      • B_G_

        FOH. Hella MFs jumped on that beat and the hottest thing about the song was the title. LOL. Why does no one “get in Em’s way?” Cuz he’s a talented and humble cat so no1 shits on him when he drops also Interscope throws the WHOLE BUILDING behind an Em release because he’s THEIR MOST SUCCESFUL LIVING ACT so the moment he takes a major dip in sales/status so does Interscope’s legacy and a huge bargaining chip for signing new artists. This is Chess not Checkers fuck boy.

        • BK!!

          FOH!!!!Nobody better than EM…NOBODY!Sorry to break your heart but NOBODY better!!!!Go cry to your girl now…

        • Dope

          Tell ’em why you mad son.

    • BK!!


    • yung

      There’s a guy within Em’s own camp that came for his throat at one point. You see how Em bitched up and quickly got him on his side don’t you? Sit the fuck down. Clearly you started listening to rap last year and have absolutely not knowledge of it’s history.

      • b r z a

        *The Dude’s voice* “That’s like your opinion man.” lol

    • Theodore Pendergrass

      Just a song man, It’s rappers out their that can crush his ass, but he got a ghetto pass, and he can spit, Nobody bumping em, now.

  • Dope

    If it’s anything like their first collaboration ”I’ll hurt you” then it’s going to be good.

    • bcro31

      What record was that song on.

      • drizzle

        it was supposed to be on busta’s 2006 album with interscope, but it wasn’t on the official track list, or it was a bonus song or something like that i’m not 100% so when you listen to it, think of ~2006, and that was already later into eminem’s career so lyrically his bars aren’t that dope, but the delivery is sweet.

      • Dope

        Not sure about the album, but you can find it on youtube, shit it nice.

  • b r z a

    all the while artists such as Nas and Em have always carried their own weight while others like JAY Z and Wayne cling to Kanye and Drake for dear life to stay relevant and no disrespect to Jay or Wayne they’re just as important to the culture in their own respect but history doesn’t lie

    • eastpointvet

      surprised this got so many likes. i wonder how you cling to dear life to artist you are bigger than? jay was kanye boss and so is Wayne. I haven’t seen Drake drop over a million in a week like his boss which suggest Wayne is the bigger act so what clinging is he doing? Magna Carter has no beats or features from Ye and it was basically in competition with Yeezus and outsold it so whats to cling to in that? I know this the internet and people like to throw out things but Yeezus make some sense when you do. and if you really want to talk about clinging even though i have much respect for Em his association with Dr Dre is what made him get consumed by the masses originally before we realized the talent to stand on its own.

    • lol wtf u mean jay z cling to drake? nigga have u been living under a rock jay z is the biggest rapper alive aside from eminem why the fuck would he cling to anyone to stay relevant he been relevant

      • b r z a

        Wayne and Drake not Jay. a majority of Wayne’s most recent hits feature Drake was the point that I was making. from “She Will” “Love Me” “Believe Me” (which is pretty much Drake’s record) etc the list goes on. Wayne solo isn’t really drawing the attention he once captured and maybe “cling for dear life” was a bit excessive but

      • Buc Nasty

        Jay survived because of Beyonce and Kanye. And that’s a fact homie!

  • IKEEPIT100

    Em should retire ..every hyped track hes put out was trash an i remember when everyone was hyped for the kendrick an Em collab an that shit was what ended the hype train!! Id rather never hear em making new shit then him making it an it being completley discraceful…btw the MMLP2 is a frizzbee at this point

    • BK!!

      Put the pipe down!YYou must be tone deaf and verbally challenged.MMLP2 has what is called LYRICAL ASSAULT on BEATS!You must skim through and not “listen” to music!

    • Theodore Pendergrass


  • EvenOdd

    Eminem is arguably sharper than he’s ever been. Apart from mediocre beat choices, no one can go bar to bar with this cat. Just put on Don’t Front ft. Buckshot and then tell yourself he lost it.

    While your favorite rappers are out trying to sell vodka, headphone, movies, etc, Marshall is in a dark room writing and focusing on his craft.

    • b r z a


    • for real and some niggas got the nerve to say he sell out or fell off when their favorite rapper is fuckin around tryin to sell bullshit to the people but thats the curse of being too big u always gonna have those people that love to hate the most successful

      • spliffjones

        its because of the style change to he loud projection line by line raps instead of harmonizing with the beat. it use to be a whole feel when proof was alive helping him in the studio everyday… but whatever the old em with proof influence is dead.. now we just have a brilliant wordsmith with little care for the boom baps surrounding his words

    • Theodore Pendergrass

      You tripping, No one can go bar to barLMAO!!!!!!!

  • Repp

    Eminem has ZERO classic albums him n Andre 3k probably the most overated MC’s ever ..I kno u stans are gonna say he’s the best because he sells more tho smh

    • EvenOdd

      LOL you reaching little boy. Clearly you are too young to know anything about Outkast and Marshall’s discography.

      • Repp

        I’m the 32 little girl..how old were u wen Outkast debut dropped?

    • BK!!

      You must like wack shit…..You prob can’t understand lyrical prowess.MMLP=CLASSIC!Hater!!!Eat a Fat Dick!This shit is goig to make the Earth shake!Time for all these weak ass rappers to pay attention to MCs!

    • Yamzz

      Certain albums are just undisputed man…whether you liked it or not MMLP was classic project that had a sound that was never heard before

    • blackholesurfer

      LOL right thats why Eminem has sold more records than anyone in the past 14 years GTFO.

  • The Incredible Creation

    ..AND sadly, this song will come & go… & be forgotten about so quickly… smh http://www.theincrediblecreation.com/ =( ..really hope its good tho

  • M.E.C.C.A,

    Dabababababababa dab ababa ababa a dabs a and a couple of whoo ha’s

    That’s busta part ain’t got time for it

  • M.E.C.C.A,

    Like I said dababababdbabdbabab a and this site has faulty credibility especially for deleting comments to protect who????




  • Tick tick tick tick boom… Only a few days to go!

    Torsten @ http://www.mightytravels.com

  • bro

    only a feature from eminem gets a release date….

  • Mr_GoLdEnERa88

    Instead of just respecting and enjoying the music and realizing that each artists bring something to the table all yall do is argue about the same shit.

  • @OneManBeats

    These 2 are Wolves