Lupe Falls & Freestyles At ‘Skee Live’

lupe skee fall

And It All Falls Down.

During Lupe’s performance at Skee Live, the Chicago MC took a minor spill into the crowd and then segued the incident into a freestyle. That’s right, the show goes on.


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  • IKEEPIT100

    This guy seriously tarnished his whole styles for years now , now he look like fucking future this dude lost 1

    • polopolo1

      no bull, its hard to believe this the same guy who made hurt me soul, that song has so much flow and so much substance

  • jsmooth

    Lupe still move the crowd

  • ilexx

    Lupe the truth if u know how to cut through all di bullshit the distracting you with…

  • What?

    Watched the entire boring freestyle to see this self righteous arrogant bastard fall….& he doesn’t. Save yourself the time. Don’t watch this. False advertising.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Rapradar stop False advertising shit. That motherfucker ain’t fall off stage. I ain’t gonna lie I wouldn’t click on the download button for lupe boring ass freestyle.I clicked on the shit to see the nigga fall.

  • pyRAmis

    you guys are all fucking idiots cuz the link to his fall is in the description retards