New Video: Curren$y “A Lil Sumthin (Come Up Big On Em)”

a lil sumthin

Parking Lot Pimping.

After dropping a series of videos, Spitta keeps the dubs—and film, rolling for his recent track. Ya know, just a lil sumthin’ sumthin’ (No Maxwell). Pilot Talk 3 coming soon.

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  • el jim chapo guzman

    For reason I can’t fuck with this nigga music. I don’t like nothing about him. His like another wale to me pure garbage.

    • smoss44

      tryna tell em… mediocre music, don’t get the wale hate though

      • TheTruthHurts

        You don’t like Curren$y but you like Wale? Get the fuck outta here you clowns. Don’t click on shit you don’t like, let alone comment. Go get lives and maybe you’ll get some of his music more.

        • smoss44

          nuthuggers… anonymous

          • TheTruthHurts

            Says the guy with a name that means nothing and no picture. Fuck outta here you internet loser, go listen to Wale and him crying about magazines and fans you pussy. Nut huggers anonymous… You’re a disgrace to the Hip-Hop culture with weak come backs like that. Step your game up faggot.

          • smoss44

            lmao! yoooo that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all year! really?? you really take this shit that serious lmao! he said no picture and a name that means nothing lol exactly you dumb fuck, I don’t give two shits about this… you need a life fam fa real, this is fun to me you takin it too serious bro get outside or sum. p.s a avi and a name won’t get you NO paper, girls, or improve your social status. YOU JUST A INTERNET TROLL fam. There I said it. lmao really me and da homies dying!! had to show em sorry

          • TheTruthHurts

            Hahaha you don’t take it serious but you type all that out? You’re a clown and a hater calling me a troll, that’s some funny shit. You’re the one talking shit about Curren$y on a Curren$y post, but yeah, i’m the one that needs a life. You talking about “paper”, girls and a social status shows me that you have none of those things. Half of your post literally says nothing and isn’t an argument and if you and your homies were sitting around reading that dying laughing then you definitely don’t have lives you suckas hahaha. You and your friends should go out in the heat, start some shit with someone real and get yourselves shot. Your momma’s won’t miss your sorry asses hahaha

          • smoss44


          • TheTruthHurts

            That’s all you got to say tough guy? You like to come around talking shit but can’t take it. Eat a dick and get outta here fuck boy.

  • Yacht


    • Spitta my nigga but…


  • RealDeal©Hill

    Video doesn’t do the song justice. Anybody could’ve shot && edited that.