New Music: Chris Brown Ft. Rick Ross x Usher “New Flame”

new flame

Let It Burn.

These hoes my not be loyal, but Breezy tips his hat to his new hottieĀ on his latest single featuring Rozay and Usher. X coming soon.

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  • Craddyshaq

    Yessir breezy is back!

  • Be lying if I said I wasn’t feeling this, honestly I don’t think I’ve banged with a Chris Brown song as hard since “Look At Me Now,” dude was just starting to lose it musically with me, but this is dope! Big ups to Breezy for this one!

    • LP1087

      U buggin, probably the only dude LITERALLY holding up R&B in last couple yrs. He keeping up w/ the new wave and still dippin back into the roots. This is pretty much a fusion of both, should of heard Ross verse tho and went somewhere else wit’ it tho

      • Holding up R&B??? Drake has done a better job at doing that, have a good day sir.

        • LP1087

          I on’t look to Drake for R&B. U think i’m anticipating what melodies he got when he put sutt’n out. I just accept it as part of the package just like I ain’t checkin’ for Breezy raps

  • We all know this is the RossHaterRadar site but if we take me out the equation. Breezy such an amazing talent man. I was going through some of his old stuff and the kid coulda been HUGE like HUGEE!! if it weren’t for that hoe.. Nvm. Anyway Chris that dude

    • smh

      real talk what do u see in Ross ?



      • bcro31

        He won’t be a Chris Rock fan after tonight. Rock was throwing shots at Ross the whole night. I Dont like Ross, but the first joke was kind of harsh.Lol

        • Nah you don’t know marketing bro. That was a win for Ross all night. Think about it. He kept bringing up Ross even though its for a laugh as long as the people talking in this industry thats a good thing. Then Chris released this track with Ross. So overall its a win in terms of Ross marketing.

          • MC Gusto

            Ross caught major feelings and tweeted that Rock is washed up. LOL. They don’t hire washed up comdians to host BET awards William…

            “Ross will be the first rapper to die from Breast Cancer”
            “Dre has Beats, Ross has Dia-Beats”
            “This is a salad somebody get this over to Rick Ross”

          • Yaup your deffo an internet dude. You’ve missed my whole point just to laugh and point fingers at another man in the hope he fails. lol

      • I’ve always been into gangsta rap. Its more to do with his vocal presence and his beats. I’m not really interested in his past life but I do enjoy the whole drug king pin image even though I have never sold a gram or even tried the whole street thing. I just enjoy seeing it tho. Thats it

      • Flash

        Ross has the best rap sounding voice in the game. At least for the past 6 years or so.

        He usually picks beats that perfectly complement his vocal delivery.

  • cain45

    usher killed this record

  • b r z a

    can we get a version with William’s verse cut

    • walkerboy86

      already done it

      • b r z a

        where can I find this

  • Teenage Millionaire

    This is actually really good ….

  • EricHeisenberg

    Breezy back.

  • The Incredible Creation