New Music: Z-Ro “Walking Hard”

z-ro houston

G Walk

Over Breanz N Kornbread’s smooth production, the Mo City Don strolls back on the scene with some new music. Hopefully, this means a new project is in the horizon. Don’t walk too far now.


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  • KDKingOfTrill

    ZRo, Big Tiger, Jesse Is Heavyweight, Pokey, and Big Tuck. Top 5 Texas Rappers! Much respect for posting some Texas music.


    Z-Ro called the police on a woman trying to get his autograph. More rappers need to #StartSnitching

  • splllllllllllifffffhere

    zro had this cd with lil flip on it.. and paul wall.. i mean it doesnt sound to different than this(the lil flip paul wall song did sound different but the album as a whole sounds like this song) I mean I like zro BUt I dont feel like his new new shit ever has to be played twice.. like I will give it a spin but it never grips me.. like this song..

  • twin

    For true zro fans realest song of the year so far if you don’t think so ur gay

  • Vurbz Fenomeno

    been following dudes career since he did the hook for UGK’s “throwed”…he shudda popped by now…can sing and spit and does both well…

  • disqus_UAljU6Tnqz

    This is dope! Forget that album with slim thug, if I can’t get another ABN album give me a A 3 the hard way with Ro, Devin the dude, and Facemob. Posse cut off the year!