Lil Durk Confronts Game; Reconcile

game-durk truce

Kill The Noise.

Depending on your intentions, the BET Awards weekend can be a place for violence or peace. Game and Lil Durk chose the latter on Saturday when they crossed paths at nightclub. Shortly after, they made amends over the phone. Last month, the rappers traded bars over the “Chiraq” diss track. Says Game:

My Big homie “G Weed” put @lildurk_ on the phone wit me. Shit is DEAD ! We chopped it up like REAL NIGGAS & both sides respect each other.

Lil Durk then adds.

@thegame @G_weeder149 a real one homie chiraq x LA


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  • walkerboy86

    Game got g checked by a lil kid lol

  • OhWORD

    You need to rename the title. “Lil Durk’s CREW confronts Game” That lil nigga Durk was behind his boys. His boys stepped to Game, and Game was right there face to face. Durk wasn’t going to stand Face to chest with Game lol

    • Mylo

      U sound dumb… This nigga come to a club that game promotes… I’m from LA and once again game gets marked out… Shoulda slap the shit outta durk but he had a change of heart… 40 glocc and rasa kass from the valley…. But niggaz like rosemoe, spider, hootie, meanace etc, been marked game out… Don’t get his athletic size fool u like he got heart.

      • el jim chapo guzman

        Yo Why game only act tough when t.m.z. around

      • OhWORD

        Nigga what? lol you said some dumb shit to me, then agreed with me, and then rambled on naming names that nobody asked for. Stop reading Online stories, and believing shit. Any fight/altercation gets video tapped these days. Seeing shit with your own eyes speaks for itself.

        • Mylo

          I was there when he got knocked in the mall… We don’t respect niggaz who gang bang after they can’t make college basketball smh

  • b r z a

    in all honesty Game would’ve tightened him up though but it looked more like Game vs his boys

  • The Incredible Creation

    good for them! it could have gotten ugly.. smh

  • Kingly_Caracter

    This is “Black news”…no one else tired of this type of shit being at the top of our worldly concerns??? All we do is beef, diss, and ball for the entertainment of others…

  • charles

    Shit didnt sound like “peace” to me. I heard “lets take it outside and one on one”. Sounds like fighting words to me.

    • summertimer

      they spoke on the phone afterwards dumbass

  • Mylo

    Probably could have beat durk up… But gangbangers ain’t bout fist scuff and you know this… I ain’t saying it’s right… But it’s some frauds out here and Karmas a bitch lol

  • Danteiskool

    A nigga moment reaches its peak! lol

  • LJ

    Too many niggas in a that small place. Go get you some pussy and deal with the beef later.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Notice game only act tough when t.m.z. around.

  • Chi-City

    The Game got shooked by them CHI boys & had to squash it. LOL