Lil Wayne Completes ‘Tha Carter V’

lil wayne doa


On the set of his video “Krazy“, Lil Wayne told  MTV that Tha Carter V is officially a wrap. Only problem though, is that he doesn’t know the exact release date.

“I’m so not good with that. I think it drops either in September and then we have…ah I can’t tell you the sneak thing. Anyway, yeah, I think it drops in September or August. It might drop before then, in July. [Or] August 25 or something like that? I’m finished, I’m done”

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  • bcro31

    Wtf is he saying. Lol. This Nigga has No clue when his own Album is dropping.

    • It’s Just Music

      he just cares about recording nothing else.
      given Wayne’s previous actions, he knows when the album is dropping but is playing stupid to build hype.
      He delays his album so much i am 100% sure it is a marketing strategy to help sales.

    • el jim chapo guzman

      because wayne on top of his game.

  • walkerboy86

    it used to be cool to sell the drugs, but now its cool to take em and be a junkie

    • Ebro

      come on come on girl why you frontin’?

  • poetmm .

    I hope its better than C4, I mean C4 had potential but….

    • cannon

      Abortion was the best song on that cd and a lot of the bonus songs on c4 should have been on the actually album. That always happens.

      • summertimer

        i liked the intro interludes and outro beat w/ da different mcs but i feel like c5 will be fire

  • BK James

    So much for C5 being his last album…

  • John Esco

    ok wayne…he need to sign ez $kywalker

  • Dan Karlin

    The display screenshot makes it look like Wayne is making the Chewbacca noise.

    • Brian B.Dot™ Miller


  • oriv_kaboom


  • cannon

    Watch the other album be better than c5 lol

  • Hussle

    Yawns…whats the last Weezy track (not feature) yall really liked? Yeah…I dont remember either

    • Theodore Pendergrass


    • koa29

      are u dumb…? Wayne been killing everything in 2014. You just hating.

      • bcro31

        Just stop. Be honest with yourself and rethink what you just typed. Herm Edwards was right, think before you hit send.

      • Hussle

        YET…you couldnt name me one song that you bumped LOL so am I really hating? HAHA

        • Dafuq

          Lmao I know right? Kids these days, I tell ya.

      • Dafuq

        Hahahahahahhahaha you just made my day kid.

  • EVER

    He seems like hes back on drugs again.

    • GP

      yeah but it seems more fabricated these days, 6 years ago you KNEW he was on something, you could feel the authenticity in his voice

  • koa29

    I don’t get this, wasn’t Wayne just saying a couple months ago C5 would be his last album? This dudes crazy lol

  • IKEEPIT100

    This guys has zero buzz for this album an all singles have been huge fails…his time is up now !!

  • Young O Safo

    Wayne gotto check this dude out cos he got mad skills

  • The Incredible Creation

    lol ..but then he plans to release another album this year? hmmm…