New Music: Rockie Fresh “Official”


Officially Fresh.

MMG’s Rockie Fresh has been quiet as of late. But today, he’s back making some noise on his brand new recording. Don’t go too far, his debut album is on the way.

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  • walkerboy86

    Has this guy made a public apology to his boss yet, for those tweets clowning him, before Rozay bought him.

    “ye i can’t believe it, i never met a woman whos a fan of ross”
    “u fux wit ross lol”
    “ihaveaproblemwith rick ross wearing fur coats in miami during the summer”
    “outside of weight rick ross is nowhere near biggie….you guys have to stop comparing them”
    “ifhiphopwashighschool rick ross would be a teachers aid”
    “rick ross got on leather sweatpants”
    “50 cent should run on stage and knock dis nigga out lol”

    • bcro31

      Well dam, no wonder this Nigga been quiet.

    • polopolo1

      Lol he dissed wale too,

  • Thought this nigga had SUPER POTENTIAL but he hasn’t captured me musically since Driving 88. This track sounds like he’s trying to conform to what the masses like.

    Never Never, Twenties, So Long, You A Lie, Intro The Future are #TIMELESS

    • DJ NoSo


  • John Esco

    wack…the boy Ez $kywalker , is killing this guy

  • Bruh Bruh

    not feeling this…
    weird beat, lackluster lyrics and the hook?!?!?!
    where’s the hook?

  • R.O.S.E.

    Sound like Phil Ade influenced this track, especially the 1st verse

  • Day Mills

    most disappointing artist on mmg smh was a fan of this guy smh….wheres Stalley?

  • smoss44

    cover speaks a thousand words when you think this guy

  • Balla

    Ole generic ass nigga

  • The Incredible Creation

    awwww its OVER for MMG lol