Ebro On Joe Budden vs. Hollow Da Don

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Tale Of The Tape.

The Hammerstein Ballroom will be lit next Saturday when Joe Budden squares off against Hollow Da Don at Total Slaughter. Surprisingly enough, battle rap critic and Hot 97 host, Ebro, will be in attendance. Watch as he gives his thoughts on the upcoming competition. This is going to be one helluva night. Be sure to purchase your tickets here.

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  • GreenBergs

    if the shit is 90 second rounds, i dont see hollow being able to win…or joe for that matter…i give em both a 10/10

    • Brian B.Dot™ Miller

      its gon be goood

      • GreenBergs

        With the rounds at 90 sec. Hell nah, should be 4 minute rounds , at least.. give the fans what they paid for..

        • Michael Ibbett

          Good point…90 seconds would be weak


    • pope305mike

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  • Bootney Lee Farnsworth

    Ebro is a clown.

  • I just came on here to say in my best Ice T voice: Eat a dick Ebro

  • Abe6772

    I love how this guy hijacked the morning show and everyone kept silent about it


    Ebros The Man!!

    • Cmon

      Fuck out of here, you probably a CT cat

  • Dave Michaels

    just came here to say: i aint bout to listen to this igga. i live in cleveland. we are spared. but i do download the breakfast club and the juan epstein podcast. thats crazy huh?

  • Extra Domus

    Since when is Ebro a battle rap critique? He doesn’t even like modern day battles. This foo said throw a beat on and I’ll maybe watch…I don’t even want to hear his opinion on something he doesn’t like LOL

  • The Incredible Creation