Joe Budden vs Hollow Da Don Trailer

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It’s About To Go Down.

As stated, Joe and Hollow ‘s Total Slaughter showdown goes down at theĀ  Hammerstein Ballroom next Saturday. But before the flows are thrown, here’s what Eminem and others expect. Purchase the tickets here.

“The emcee in me wants me to see somebody stand out, to be unique. Say the sickest, most ridiculous shit you can think of… that makes somebody want to quit.” – Eminem

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  • Rick

    That was so fuck AMAZING!!!!! Plus u got me in the trailer Jesus shit is getting real July 12

  • Michael Ibbett

    This is gonna be epic….Joe’s gonna put everything he has into this which is a lot. Few mainstream rappers will or have ever done this…they have way more to lose..

  • esdee

    This trailer got me believing joe budden has a chance. Going to be CRAZY

    • Lester Nygaard

      Hollow finna FLAME his ass!! It’s a shame cuz I rock with Slaughterhouse too.

  • Zen Abdul-Rafi

    Joe Budden is one of my favorite rappers in the game, When hes on his shit not to many niggas fuckin with him. and not to many rapper have better projects than his Mood Muzik series. This battle is going to be 3 rounds about 2-3 mins each. Hollow Da Don is arguably the best battle rapper in the game and this is the shit he does for a living so even though i want joey to win but i think hollow is going to edge it 2-1 and i hope joey doesn’t choke…

  • true story no lie

    Hope joe dnt get snuffed at the show

  • Real Talk Of BK

    I still can’t see why Joe steppin into this, it’s a whole diffrebt animal then spitin a freestyle on hot97 reading rhymes from your phone … But the reality is, you gota salut the man for even putting his career on the line….

    • Zen Abdul-Rafi

      Its a win either way it goes for him if you really think about it. i dont think hes going to get 3-0’d and hes not even a battle rapper. this is just building his buzz as a artist.

  • Eat competition on wax

    This has got to be the most retarded build up I have ever seen.

    When you fall back on just screaming in someone’s face to me It ain’t a battle.

    Random beat. Worthy of an opponent skills. Disaster is a clown. All these “new” battle icons figure it’s the same as being an artist. It’s not.

    To me if it’s all on the line and you have a one sided crowd it’s over before it starts.

    They gonna want blood

  • yeah i said it

    joe making money on the back end, thats the only reason he jumped out if it was smack he wouldn’t have jumped out the window. Pimp the game

  • AppleJAX

    No one gives a shit, these battle rappers suck.

  • TheOtherAndyItwaru

    this is a phenomenal piece of advertising

  • WindbreakerRecords

    what song did he have that went platinum? huh?

    • Yamzz

      I’m guessing pump it up

  • The Rock says

    We’ve already seen this nigga Joe crying like a bitch on TV, he has nothing to lose

  • DiabolicalDessy

    winner gets Joe’s spot in Slaughterhouse

  • The Incredible Creation
  • Extra Domus

    0:07 “wanna see somebody stand out” – notice how weird the editing was?

  • kellykellz

    hollow 2-1

  • I just want to see the Murda Mook vs Loaded Lux battle. Yall can have the rest

  • Van Sertima

    idk hollow has never been on this level, he may just implode – he’s one step from em and house gang – big money bigger crowd. joey’s bored with the shit hollow dreams about. they’re making joe the under dog but just know joey has the advantage and we’re going to see what h is made of. if hollow doesn’t fold they’re both are going to spit the craziest shit they’ve ever written in life.

    • TeF

      “Joey’s bored with the shit hollow dreams about.” This is the realest analysis I’ve ever heard about this battle so far, it’s true. A lot of cats are X-ing Joe out like it’s over already, but the dude has battled many times before. This nigga is signed to Eminem, has a huge following, TV career and all, so for him to do some shit like this and risk hurting his reputation and career, it automatically makes him a serious contender. Tell these niggaz to ask their favorite rapper to get in the ring with a Battle Rap heavyweight, it simply won’t happen. Win or lose, Joe gets love for this move.