Lupe Returns To Whoolywood Shuffle

lupe whoolywood 14

*Lupe Shrug*

Back on Whoo Kid’s show at Shade 45, Lupe touched on his back-and-forth tweets with Talib, the violence in Chicago, upcoming album, the S-1 joint project, Maya Angelou, Gil-Scott Heron and of course politics as usual.



Lupe appeared in the latest episode of Whoolywood. He spoke on Nas’ “Daughters”, why he’s breaking Food & Liquor 2 into two installments, gun violence and how the government is addressing it.

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  • Newlopw

    does this nigga always wear the same clothes?

  • This shit supposed to be coming out anytime soon? He’s doing all these interviews like it’s dropping next wk. And the more he talk, the less I like this nigga, and I was a day one fan. Lately it feels like he just saying shit for the sake of saying it, trying to be “provocative” more than just real.

  • Kingly_Caracter

    I feel the same way…he was literally one of my top artists. Now its ALOT of air…and when he drops shit it just comes off as cheezy. I’m all about music with messages. But Ive heard him do that with a great sound back in the day. Now it just sounds cheezy. Smh…I was day one also.

  • smoss44

    Lupe lost… he don’t know if he wants to be a rapper with a message, be a star and turn up or rock dreads and be chief keef. use to be humble with promise, now just a narcissist whose lost his roots. done. The cool will always be one of my fav albums front to back though. Dumb it down was one of the best rap songs ever to me.

    • Ken ken

      This is too real

  • b r z a

    @ least we have Food & Liquor

  • Danteiskool

    I swear, y’all stay posting negative comments on any Lupe Post. smh He is one of the few artists out here that are true to their craft. STFU and let him do him, he’s obviously smarter than a lot of the rappers out here these days