New Music: Serius Jones “None Of My Business”

none of my business

Feeling Froggy?

Unlike most of IG, Serius Jones keeps to himself on his new release dubbed by Kermit The Frog’s popular memes. Yea, the tea may be bomb though. But this? Not so much.

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  • Zen Abdul-Rafi

    I bet if this was Cam’ron ya’ll niggas would be dick riding the shit out of this track.

    • KILLA

      No one besides yourself has commented on this track until now so what the hell are you talking about? Your dumb ass already thinking negatively thinking people won’t like it, you probably down with Serius team sucking dick and coppin pleas across different rap blog sites comment sections but that’s none of my business though. LOL

      • Zen Abdul-Rafi

        “no one commented on this track until now” point made especially coming from a nigga name “Killa” like i said if this was a Cam track you niggas would be dick riding this track, 20+ comments all types of shit.

      • Zen Abdul-Rafi

        ITS FACTS YOU NIGGAS ON HERE DICK RIDE CAM HARD, THAT NIGGA IS WAASHHHEEDD. and for the record I’m not thinkin negative you stupid ass nigga. you must not read huh nigga? ‘”the tea may be bomb though. But this? Not so much”‘ The fuck nigga that posted this song left that quote right above the wtf you talkin about im already thinkin negative.

    • SCORE P.O.

      if this was killa it wouldnt be corny…son sound like future got nice

  • splifffniiticity

    This dude spit one of my favorite rhymes to date “Nowadays its cases and heavy gray bracelets even the judge know me on a first name basis”

    I mean I get it. This dude should take this to because thats all it is. He ain’t that funny when he is only spitting not very good liners.

    still has one of the best lines imo

    • Michael Ibbett

      Thats your favorite line to date? Lol….its not bad or anything but quoting and talking about it is something else

  • GreenBergs

    i feel like jones should be using this time to take advantage of the math situation, but thats none of my

    • Michael Ibbett

      I agree…thats what I thought this was gonna be

  • he took advantage of the moment like any other rapper would and should yeah but i could hear cam on this track can’t front..but its a nice play on the kermit memes.

  • dipsetusa

    song is fuckin dope!

    • Michael Ibbett

      Yeah I went back to it, and really like it..wish he had more funny lines though

  • Jones

    Interesting. But negative OR positive im Glad to have ANY feedback. Let PEOPLE decide what they like tho. But Thats None of My Business right? Lol -Serius Jones

  • Kingly_Caracter

    This shit hard…

  • J

    Dope song especially from a 2days battle rapper