New Music: Twista “Dark Horse Flow”

twista bet 2014

It’s A Twista.

If you’re not up on that flow, Twista’s album is arriving August 12 and is available now for pre-order. But as a friendly reminder, we’ll let the man himself tell it.


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  • Zen Abdul-Rafi

    he ended this song kinda weird. but it was a decent effort for him i guess.

    • poetic assasin

      I guess he left it for someone to jump on it? lol

  • Viva La Raza

    all of Twista’s recent releases have had that fire that he is known for
    (back to basics & previous mixtape) – both in 2013
    as a fan, im looking forward to the new release…
    this song was just ok though…ending was weird

  • The beat hurts my ears… I don’t think we’ll ever get that Kamikaze/The Day After Twista back… or even that Adrenaline Rush Twista.

    • poetic assasin

      yea i’m feeling you – it was piercing. Always like when Twista switches it up,

    • guest

      “the beat hurts my ears” lmao

    • Yeah, I consider Day After & Kamikaze his best overall efforts from his catalog. Category F5 & Adrenaline Rush are dope too. We can never deny the flow but production & creativity have been stagnant lately

  • el jim chapo guzman

    He sound like ace hood.


    His flow is undeniable and impeccable, yet the beat is too piercing fsho and he delivered like he ran out of bars at the end….hope that was on purpose. Awkward moment for the listeners….