New Video: Gunplay “Move That Dope”

move that play

Tattoo Art.

Logan is just one of the many rappers that seized Future’s record. Camouflaged by graffiti, watch as he busts a few moves for his latest visual aid. Living Legend coming soon.

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  • this beat just got holes put in it by that gunplay flow..dude can spit give him that much…@rackscarscars

  • Free Gunplay’s Chain!

    we all know he snorted more than he ever moved

  • They wanna see us fall…

    • Sugar Knight

      we already saw this chump fall when he got thrown 15 feet into that metal fence and got his chain took

      • and your doing what with life exactly???

        • walkerboy86

          the same thing as you, commenting on a website.

          • Missed the point, I werent talking bout my life. I was on about you and Gunplays life so you know

        • Free Gunplay’s Chain!

          not dickriding junkies, cops or snitches!

        • bcro31

          Your not from America are you.

  • The Incredible Creation