Game ‘Marrying The Game’ Season 3 Ep. 8

game fade

The Fade.

The game is over. Well at least Game and Tiffney’s relationship as they both officially agree to go their separate ways and date again. Ah, the single life.



Tiffney is single and ready to mingle. So now, she decides to step back into the dating field. Meanwhile, Game swags his sons King Justice and Harlem and coaches them on dating themselves. Kids.



Temporarily going their separate ways, Tiffney gets back to dating while Game is keeping busy with work on his UK tour.



Tiffney keeps busy with the editor and illustrator for upcoming book. Meanwhile, Game takes the opportunity to spend as much time with his kids as he can before heading off to his UK tour.



Game tests the loyalty of his Blood Money clique by having them shoot each other up with paintballs. Meanwhile, Tiffney seeks advice as Cali already mentions plans to be an actress when she grows up. Dag, they grow up fast.



While the kids have a difficult time adjusting to their parents’ separation, Tiffney reaches out to her pops for guidance. Meanwhile, Game tries to balancing his time with the kids and business.



Now that they have gone their separate ways for the time being, Tiffney tries to adjust getting use to having the kids on her own. Meanwhile, Game has his celebrity bowling game for the Hood Rich project and brings the kids along.



Before the drama, VH1 returned to Game and Tiffney’s reality for its third season. In the premiere, the two try to adjust to life after Cabo.

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    Not as good as Change of heart

    • bcro31

      Lol crazy. This nigga really is TMZ.


  • haha

    this bitch ass nigga got murked by Count. Don’t play the Chi like some fools

    • BlackCrown216

      Man fuk the entire chiraq movement.

      Yall spending so much time on image and perception and trying not to look like punks, yall out here killing brothers and cousins all for stripes that dont even exist in the real world. Yall need to get out the city and travel and see more of thos world. Its more to it than tryina show out wit yo niggaz. Yall got the whole Midwest looking bad not knowing how to be kings and think yall tough because you know how to use a gun. Fuk every rapper from the chi who brags about that ignorant shyt and its a shame yall not keepin yall lil dudes in place. They have no direction and because of it, it gives the entire city a bad look.

      Fuk CHIRAQ…..

      • smoss44

        you kicked all that knowledge and then said fuck a city. sounds like a hypocrite to me. you the one spending too much time

        • GetReal

          aint no hypocritical shit what he said was true fuck “chiraq”

  • rapradarmorons

    some chicago shit rappers trying to get at game cause he’s got same lime light. gtfo lol failed attempt

  • Gunplay’s Chain

    Looking forward to the episode where he breaks his girls nose in front of the kids.

    • ThaRealHater

      How bout u say that to his face pussy?

      • Rippermatic

        Say it his face!!! Lol… Dude , you have to be shitting me??? lol… Being from Watts, CA, the Game is not that tough. He may act tough on them rap records or when the video is recording but on some real shit…Nope…

  • summertimer

    da kids fuck w jayceon more den tiff

  • Cmon Son

    3 seasons of his sorry baby mom chasing behind him…what a “real” man

  • LookingAssNigga

    The game is the biggest nutembracer and clown in hiphop. However the documentary is a classic album.

    • smoss44

      agreed.. so lame from day 1 with the chage a heart shit

  • G UNOT

    Ok i am sorry but this shit is really bothering me, whenever someone from outside of US comes to any US site there is always content that is banned for people outside of the US, OK i agree dont stream it for us then no worries, but why d fuck am i seeing all the commercials then, i am not gonna buy that shit if you aint giving me the free content as well YA DIGG!!!

    • FLASH kid

      Go on google chrome store, and install one of these free extensions : Hola better internet/Hola internet unblocker or Media Hint. Don’t forget Adblock neither.

  • smoss44

    she old a dry anyway


    does anyone actually watch this fufu shit