Robin Thicke “Lock The Door” On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

thicke get her back kimmel

Turn Back. It’s Not Her.

It’s been two days since the release of Paula and still no signs of her return. Not giving up, Robin made his way to GMA yesterday and ended day 2 over at Kimmel’s show. “Get Her Back” above then “Lock The Door” below.

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  • Zen Abdul-Rafi

    A post for the Thots.

  • PTK

    nobody cares

  • pad thai for lunch my nigga

    I’m posting to represent my stance on this crap article. My only means to voice my opinion here. No more! Robin Thicke and hip-hop will never blend well. Ever. Not ever.

  • smoss44

    use to be the cool white guy we kinda accepted, but this whole get her back promo they doing isn’t looking too good for his image.