Andre 3000 ‘All Is By My Side’ Trailer

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Sneak Peek.

Andre 3000 is ready to make his return to the silver screen September 26, with the Jimi Hendrix biopic, All Is By My Side. Peep the trailer above and movie synopsis below.

OutKast’s André Benjamin stars as Jimi Hendrix in this revealing biopic from Academy Award-winning writer-director John Ridley (12 Years A Slave). Covering a year in Hendrix’s life from 1966-67 as an unknown backup guitarist playing New York’s Cheetah Club to making his mark in London’s music scene up until his Monterey Pop triumph, the film presents an intimate portrait of the sensitive young musician on the verge of becoming a rock legend.


3 Stacks’ portrayal of the late Jimi Hendrix in All Is By My Side, is set to premiere at SXSW in Austin, TXBut before its debut, here’s a minute plus teaser.

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  • MannyThoughts

    Not bad at all

  • yorapper

    Wait is that white chick? Nah what!

  • TwoTone

    Saw the movie at a film festival. He does the movie justice and it’s a cool flick. It’s set mostly during his stay in London right before his super stardom which had me wishing for a bit more.

    • Clayton Bigsby

      Was he believable as Jimi or was 3 Stacks coming through too much? What was he like when he was animated? It’s hard to tell from this clip. How was his voice?

  • Marcin Gortat

    Should be the soundtrack
    Microphonixxx-The Imaginary Ladder

    Out Now!!!


  • brza

    *crosses fingers* I’m really rooting for 3 Stacks on this one hope he kills it

  • bodiddly

    Sounds like he got the voice down pat. Should be fun to see!
    I still think if they’d waited a couple years to put this out, Scott Mescudi would’ve been perfect to play Jimi

  • bodiddly

    Although now I’m watching a Hendrix interview right now and Mr. Andre certainly looks the part.

  • bodiddly

    Ahhh I’m torn!!

  • seandon

    does no one realize this is Iggy azalea?

    • The Incredible Creation

      looks like her.. but don’t think it is =/